Tuesday, August 30, 2011

13ish weeks.

There you are sweet baby. 

We had an ultrasound done on the 18th of August to see if you were developing properly. You weren't very cooperative. The ultrasound checks the fluid between the skin and spinal cord and you were hanging out upside down and backwards so, they couldn't get a good measurement. They had me turn on my side, you still didn't move, then they had me pee and you finally flipped over. 

We got to see you. You had your hands up by your face and all over a sudden, one of your little hands came down and 'waved'. We said hello to you and Mommy almost cried. There you were, the size of a lemon and waving, so friendly already. obviously I know you didn't wave but let me live in my happy little pregnant world for now. 

The best news is when the Dr. came in and told us you have a VERY small chance of being born with any birth defects. I don't like calling them defects, they don't make you defective, you will be loved and special to us no matter what. It is just refreshing to know that you are growing and healthy. 

We love you so much, we are so excited to tell people about you and we can't wait for your arrival. Well we can wait a little, we need to narrow down some names before you come. Daddy and I can't decide or agree. Names are such funny things, the more I think about them, the more I don't like any name. They are weird things and sound weird when you say them too much. But, like most things, I'm making it a bigger deal then it should be. People will always have their opinions and we need to pick a name that will fit you and our family...of normal names!

 Mama/ can't wait to feel you kick!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20 Months!!

You are 20 Months old. You are bring so much joy to our lives. You are loud and active, kind and compassionate, loving and honest (so far, unless you are joking). You have a cute little sense of humor and you love your family! Not just Mama and Dada but your uncles, Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa too! You love when we are all together.  
You love swimming and playing outside. I can never ask you if you want to go in, the answer will always be "nooo." 
Which of course you learned to say. It is one of the cutest things you say, no, you purse your lips and drag out the 'o', it's really cute. You don't say it to me very often, only when answering questions. 
You have this game that you and Daddy play. He will ask you, "are you mama?" and you say "nooo", "Are you dada?", "nooo", "Who are you?", and you say "I Jakob!". It's very cute to hear you say your own name. You rarely call your self Jake, usually it's Jakob. 
Your favorite food is Mac-and-cheese. You ask for other foods occasionally but that is your all time favorite right now. You also enjoy, all fruit, corn, chicken, pizza, rice and beans and anything on my plate. 
Your favorite color is Orange followed closely by yellow. You know your colors but you want everything to be yellow and orange. 
You are starting to learn some numbers and letter. You know what 2 of something looks like, so that's helpful...pick out two books to read or grab two cars and you know what I mean...although 4 of something is more your style. 
You stuff your hands full of hot wheel cars, then you look at me with questioning eyes and nod...asking if you can take all of those cars with you where ever we are going. You love playing with cars, they are you favorite toys. 
You have also recently enjoyed playing in your kitchen. You make food and bring it to me to eat. 
You watch very little TV, when you do it's Sprout and Caillou is our favorite! 
You enjoy coloring and playing with play-dough. We have started playing with puzzles together and you seem to really like them. You match the shapes just fine, but you have little patience for putting the shapes in the right way...it's a work in progress. 
Your vocabulary is growing each day and you repeat almost everything we say. You even mimic our tone and inflection. You are our little parrot.
You love cuddling with your Daddy. You cuddle with me occasionally but you will sit with your Daddy every chance you get. You soak up your time with him!
You enjoy church and the nursery and it's never hard to leave you in there. You run off and play right away. 
You love reading books. We read 4 stories at nap time and at least one story at bed time. You really enjoy the Berenstain Bears stories. You have a shelf of books in your room and in the family room that you can get to any time. You walk over and pull books off the shelf and read to your self or bring them to us, to read to you. I am so glad that you love reading!
You love animals, all kinds, you even enjoyed watching Shark week with Daddy, just not the shark attack shows!! 
You love the Moon and stars, and all of nature, especially dirt!
Here are some other things you like...

Stickers. You are totally obsessed with stickers. You get a sticker at the grocery store when you have been good and I'm pretty sure you think fruit is only good for the stickers. You put the all over you, as seen in this picture below. Nana brought you these stickers and you insisted that they be all over your arms. We went to dinner this way. 

 You Hair being done. Whenever I'm getting ready you watch me do my hair and you always ask for me to do your hair. I never did you hair before you asked, I think it's funny that you wanted it done. You look so proud when your hair is styled, I think you feel like a big boy!

 Chocolate, you don't have it very often. This was the first time you have some. It's Dove dark chocolate, so at least there are some health benefits. You loved it, to say the least. You took one bite and went, "Mmmmmm". It was the funniest thing. Then you turned back to me and opened your mouth for more. You eat chocolate like your Mama, take a bite and suck on it till it devolves, then take another bite. It's a great way to not eat a lot but really enjoy it!!

 Cameras, you say cheese whenever you see one. I haven't been so good about busting out my big camera lately. I have been feeling tired, and it's hard to be inspired when you are exhausted. When you are in the mood you love having your picture taken. You love Photobooth on my computer because you get to look at yourself. It have been so funny to watch you become self aware and now totally into yourself. 
You can see in this picture that spot on the side of your head. You went strolling through the kitchen while something was being cooked with hot oil. It's splattered and you got burned. You might have a tiny, barley visible, scar. But you are safe and have learned to not play in the kitchen while people are cooking. 

You are quite the little ball of energy, running and jumping all around. You being so much joy to our lives Jake and we couldn't ask for a better boy. We love you so much. It is an honor to help you grow up. 

Love, Mama/ so proud of the boy you are becoming!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Waiting Game

Hey baby,
I'm not sure what else to call you...little one comes out a lot but, it's hard for me to admit that your brother is not my little one any more. These past few weeks have been interesting. This time in pregnancy is not my favorite. I don't really look pregnant...you are showing up a little earlier than Jake did but I still look like I ate too much not full on pregnant belly. I feel off, not miserable, but off. My jaw has been killing me...this happened with your brother too...we thought is was a root canal issue but no, just my jaw. My whole left side of my neck gets really tight, my ear aches and my jaw throbs. So weird. It's just one of those things that happens. I took some Tylenol and applied heat and now it's mostly gone. But this time in pregnancy is most hard because there is a possibility of loosing you. It's in my mind most of the time, I try to shove out the worry and let the Lord hold you as He knits you together but my mind is still consumed. Not being able to feel you and only feeling slight symptoms of you even being there is scary to me. I love knowing that you are healthy and growing. So on the 9th of August I went to the Dr. and I got to hear your heart beat!! It took a while for her to find it, you were hiding...little stinker. When she found you and the rhythmic whooshing started my heart felt so full and warm.  You were alive and your heart was beating. You turned and the whooshing turned to galloping. I felt a huge sense of peace. Then the Dr. turned on the ultrasound machine and I got to take a peek. There you were...all 12 weeks of you. Perfect and being created right before my eyes. Carrying a child is truly a magical experience. I feel such an honor to be chosen to be your mama, to carry you for 9 months, to love you your whole life through, to teach you about the one who created you. I am truly honored. Well, I get to see you again tomorrow. I am so excited to see you, but this ultra sound makes me nervous. They are checking to make sure you are growing and developing properly. I don't get this ultra sound so we can end your life...that will never happen. I get this ultrasound mainly because I am obsessed with seeing you and secondly I really want to be prepared, for whatever the Lord has for us. We love you already baby, your daddy can't wait to find out if you are a boy or girl and we have our own predictions...but we must wait. It seems like an eternity! Wow, your mom is dramatic! We have to wait and that is that.

See you soon.

Love, Mama/ so in love with you already!