Friday, August 20, 2010

Loving you

This photo is exactly who you are at this moment, and I love it. It's the way I see you everyday and it's beautiful. 
Last night you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while I went to youth group. As our usual Wednesday custom. I am a high school mentor and love it. Anyways, last night we were talking about the female attributes of God, a topic I love. I got to share about the love I have for you with the girls. I love talking about how much I love you, it makes me get teary but I love it. 
The only way I can describe my love for you is by calling it all encompassing, powerful and ferocious. Not ferocious in a violent way (obviously) but in a non-stoppable way. My love for you will never stop, never run dry, in a way I can't even understand! This way I feel about you is the same way God feels about us. I love that I get a glimpse of His love everyday by having you! You are intensely loved my boy!
Mommy/ferociously loving!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I took some pictures of you yesterday and i love them. These are just a few. Look at how amazingly cute you are! 

You and your grandpa

I took this a while back and haven’t had a chance to post it. This is you and your Grandpa wearing matching ADIDAS track suits! Sadly you have grown out of this but it was one of my favorite little outfits you had! You love your grandpa, like you were born knowing he will spoil you! I love that you have four grandparents, who all love you like crazy!!

Love, Mommy/ maybe We should match someday!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Little Pooper

I'm sorry for this post Jake. But, I had to. These are pictures of you umm...going number 2!!! I guess that puts it politely. It just cracks me up. Look at your little face. It gets so red sometimes, you just push so hard. I have never seen such a pooper in my life! I have seen kids hide and push a little but you, my boy, you struggle through it! At first I thought you must be constipated but no, this is how you always do it. Again I'm sorry Jake but it's too cute and funny! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8 Months of Life

You are now three fourths of a year old! My how the time has flown! Here is what’s new!
You now have 6 teeth! Four on the top and two on the bottom. I think you may be getter more because you have been slightly cranky yesterday and today.

You can crawl and pull up on things when highly motivated! I say highly motivated because you won’t crawl to anyone, you have to want to do it, For a toy or just for your own enjoyment. Oh boy stubbornness!!

You wave hello and goodbye, to everyone! Here’s a little story to go with the statement. We were at the grocery store and had just finished bagging up the groceries. As we were leaving you waved to the clerk who rang up our groceries! I thought that was very sweet and we continued to walk out of the store. You continued to wave at all of the people in line and all of the people checking out their groceries. Everyone looked at us, you waved so matter-of-factly and I said “good bye everyone!”. It could have been a scene straight out of a movie. Everyone was smiling and waving at you. There was a collective “Awww” coming from the whole store! It’s a good thing I’m not shy or that could have been embarrassing! You didn’t think anything of it. “we wave when we say good bye!” I can imagine you thinking. I love your sweet heart!

Ok this next one is a big one! Everyone, rejoice with me!!! You said "Mama" today for the very first time!! You weren’t angry or up set you just looked over at me and said, “Mama”!!! My heart melted and flew all at the same moment! You had been saying “ba-ba” for mama for a while. You say "dada" all of the time, “di-di-da” is your favorite phrase, and you say "woof" for the dog!! You also make the "p" sound in, up! My little talker! I knew you would be, I mean look at your daddy and I, we just talk, talk, talk.

You sleep like a champ (almost 12 hours each night)!!!! You eat well but you aren’t a fan of chicken or refried beans. You love mandarin oranges and fruit of all sorts!

You are a great boy! It’s amazing to watch you grow and learn. I love how everything is new to you, everything is an adventure! What I wouldn’t give to see the world through your eyes! I’m so glad I have the privilege of  introducing you to the world. I love you!

Love,  Mommy/will answer to “mama” or “baba”

Happy 8 Months!!

Happy 8 months my little Jake! Yesterday we busted out a cool new toy. Your Grandma got you this cool tent with play balls and a tunnel that attaches. You had a grand time trying to see if you could fit a ball in your mouth. You don't quite understand that you can crawl through the tunnel but hey, we'll get there! You enjoyed yourself and that's what matters! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedded Bliss

Your Daddy and I went to a wedding this weekend. Two of our great friends got married. The ceremony was beautiful as was the bride. Their vows to each other were perfect and they became man and wife. Their story is one that points directly to God and divine providence. When God leads two people together it's perfect. Not that life will be totally easy but in that God has chosen a mate for you. Not all people believe that God has a perfect person for you and wether you choose or He ordains there is no denying that when you wait, the right one will come. It's true that people marry their high school sweet hearts but that is the exception not the rule. Here is what your Dad and I think, if you do date in high school go into a relationship trying to discover if they are the one. If they are, stay with them, if you feel the Lord leading you in a different direction, then don't date them. Dating is to find your wife. Other wise what is the point. Why waste your time? What good will it do them to lead there heart on? What good will it do you, to your heart? I know this is way harder then I just made it sound. Feelings and heart strings are all tied up but as your parents we will do our best to help you find her! Your perfect match! This wedding was a joy to watch. It was all about how God led them together and their love of Him and each other, much like your Mommy and Daddy's wedding. We desire this for you. First a love of your heavenly father then a love of your bride. With that in place you can never fail! So many people are already praying for you, your life journey and finding that perfect match!

Mommy/praying for your wedded bliss someday!

Daddy's Jeep

This is your daddy's Jeep. It's very manly! little boys have been know to call it "A real life monster truck!" You love it! Last night on the way to dinner you had quite a fun time. You really liked the way the Jeep could make your voice shaky. You would yell and hold a tone and the Jeep would make it shake! Too funny. Daddy and I just kept looking at each other and smiling! We love you and all that you are discovering!

Mommy/can't wait to take you 4-wheeling

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holy Mobility Batman!!

On Tuesday your Daddy and I celebrated three years of marriage! You stayed with Grandma so we could go on a date, to a real classy joint, Wing Stop! While we were gone you decided to show off. Grandma was cleaning up after dinner, you were in the family room, she was watching from the kitchen. She looked over and you had pulled yourself up using a footrest! You were standing, all by yourself! I can just imagine the look on your face. You get very proud of your new accomplishments, it's so cute. You get a big grin on your face and then look around to make sure that everyone is looking at you. Everyone has to notice! This last weekend we went to Nana and Papa's and you demonstrated your crawling ability. You are officially a good crawler. You can also go from crawling to sitting! Right before my eyes you have turned mobile! Just a few short months ago you were learning to hold you head up and now look at you! I am so impressed and in awe, with a little bit of disbelief thrown in. I want to absorb every moment! Life will never be the same. Let the chasing begin! 
Love, Mommy/memory absorber

Monday, August 2, 2010


It’s official “Da-Da” is your favorite word. Really, I don’t mind! OK I mind a little. But it makes your Daddy feel so good! The other day you were playing with him and you just plopped your head down on his chest, snuggled in and said “Da-da”! You melted his heart with those little words. I was a little jealous to be honest. But I love that you share special times with your Daddy. You and your Dad will have a special relationship. He will teach you things that I can’t, he can show you the world from a different perspective! Always listen to him. He is smart, he loves you, he always will. If you ever think a punishment is unfair know that he is trying to teach you something. We will never do anything just for the heck of it! Every moment has a learning opportunity, every moment! We try to use this life we have been given to the fullest capacity. So if you are reading this and aren’t too fond of us, know that we love you, care so deeply about you and want the best this life has to offer for you! Oh Jake, if I could just explain the intensity and insanity of our love for you! It’s a deep, life altering, life giving love! We will do our best to communicate this love to you. It may come in the form of grounding or things being taken away or time outs but this ultimately will help you become a well rounded and grounded individual, who is loved. Being out of control or undisciplined may look cool (some of your friends might be allowed to do more than you) but trust me, life is bigger that that girl or drinking or smoking. I’m not sure where I’m going with this other than to say, we do everything out of love for you!

Mommy/totally loves you!