Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jake and Mommy

One reason I love my iMac....Photo Booth!!! We were messing around with it the other day and I got some pictures of the two of us...because really I could never have enough!

you were in awe that you were on my computer screen!! You kept pointing and looking at me like 'that's crazy!!'


Kisses!!! it looks like I might scare you...oh, well...

sitting with mommy

I got you to smile!! I think you were looking at Ted in his kennel...

I can never get you to sit still for longer than a few minutes. Ahh, the life of a toddler. You have discovered mobility and the freedom it brings and no one is going to take that away from you.

You bring so much joy to my heart!! We are going camping this weekend, I'm so excited for you to experience the outside and dirt and the beach...many pictures will be taken and many memories will be made, I'm sure!! 

I love you

Mommy/crazy picture taker!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

You love Apple Cinnamon Cheerios!! Every time I get them out you clap and you make yummy noises after every bite. You are so quick to say please for more! It's very's some proof!

Video Games

You love your daddy, you imitate what he does, it's obvious that you think he's 'So Cool!'. Every big truck, motorcycle, quad or cool thing you point and say 'Da-Da!' too funny. The other day I was doing dishes and Daddy was playing video games. You walked right over to him and wanted to be picked up. He sat you next to him on the couch and you "played" video games with daddy.

We took the batteries out of a controller and let you have a good time. You would push buttons and make noises. My favorite was when you would hold up the controller and point it at the screen!!! So cute! I love that you love your Daddy! He loves that you want to be with him. It's hard when you prefer me all of the time. I know timed like these make Daddy so happy, so happy to be your Daddy. I'm excited to see you infatuation with your Daddy grow. I'm excited for when you insist on wearing flip flops in winter because Daddy does and when you help him work on his Jeep and fix things around the house. I know you two are going to love doing things together and that makes me teary and warms my heart! Your Daddy is a great example to follow, he is a great man, he loves God, loves me, loves you, loves his family, loves people! He's a good one.

Mommy/ should learn to play video games with you guys!

Almost an ER trip

A few weeks ago we were down stairs playing with Grandma and Grandpa, while Daddy was at work. You were running around, playing with Ted. You are a great little walker but sometimes you stumble around like an intoxicated man. So, you were playing, Ted walked behind you and accidentally bumped you. This little bump sent you head first into the corner of an ottoman. Now Grandma and Grandpa have been wanting to replace these ottoman for some time, they are deceptively soft. The top part where you put your feet, soft, the bottom, is hard and wooden. This is where you hit your head. The sharp corner met your temple. You screamed and I picked you up to comfort you, as I did, I noticed that your head was instantly bruised and getting really puffy. You barely broke the skin but it sure was puffy. We rushed over to the freezer for some ice. At first I tried to hold a 'booby tube' on it but it wasn't cold enough. We grabbed an ice pack, held you down and pushed it on to your head. I called your Dr. And he said you were fine, I'm still not sure you were. You are fine now and the puffiness went down quickly but it was a nasty bump! The bruise and scab are completely gone now but here is a picture of what your bump looked like after being iced three times...I have to mention that you hated the ice being on your head but the third time, I think it was hurting so bad, you just laid in my arms and let Grandma hold the ice pack on your head, it was very sweet. Oh, heres that picture...

Love, Mommy/always here to kiss your owies!

Monday, March 21, 2011

In my heart

Luke 2:19 "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."

I feel like I know how Mary felt in this passage. Yes, she was a part of something much bigger than us, Jake. But, I feel like I know how she felt looking at her child.

The other day, I was holding you before nap time. You gave me your normal hug, of collapsing on my shoulder, which I love. Then you sat up and gently grabbed my face with your hands. You just sat there, holding my face and looking at me. You looked at me with love, admiration and thanks. That moment, broke my heart. You have my heart, it's yours, please be gentle. You mean the world to me, I would do anything for you! But that moment also empowered me. I have such a huge responsibility to you. I want to be the mom you need me to be! Your love is empowering, much the same way your daddy's love for me is.  And much the same way God's love is. Our human love is much less complete than God's love for us but, it is never ending, like my love for you and your daddy.

I love you my boy...more than you will ever know

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jake is 15 months old!

You just turned 15 months old! I know it's not a major mile stone but each month bring with it new things you can do and new challenges! 

The day after you turned 15 months old you woke up from your nap in such a good mood. We played peek-a-boo for a little bit and just played around. 

You are such a joy!

I cherish these sweet, little moments with you. 

After you wake up from your nap you hand me your binkey, it's so cute. You know you have to give it up before you get out to play. I love that you are used to that and hand it over with out any issues!

You found another binkey in your bed, you little stinker.


Then I popped my head over the crib and said, "boo!". You giggled and squealed! 

You couldn't stand the anticipation of mommy peeking her head over so you peeked!!

here you go mama




I feel like I should call this the many faces of Jake...



This is your serious face. 

Pondering the deep things of life...

So silly, I think you saw a bird out side and got really excited!! "Brr!! Brr!!" That is how you say bird, you love birds. 

Mommy, why do you have that camera in my face. 

Searching for more birds.

Jake, you are such a joy. I know that someday you will have a sibling (Lord willing) and things will change. Know that I enjoy these little moments. I cherish these little times in my heart. I tuck them away and hold them dear. These are the moments that I became a mom for, these times make all the hard times bearable. There are many more sweet times than bad. I love our life with you. You have helped me convince daddy to have three kids! You are so fun that daddy think we can have more! We'll see what happens. But for now, I'm just loving this mommy stuff!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Sleeper

A few weeks ago your daddy and I walked in after a nap time to find you sleeping like this....

Sitting and folded over on your blanket!

We had to wake you up to go are a slow waker-uper

You were pretty surprised to see us in your room. Sorry buddy. 

I still love to watch you sleep, it's the only time you are still. Your sleepy face is the same as when you were an infant and for a split second you are still my little baby. Then you wake up and start talking and running around. Don't get me wrong, I love how you are growing up. You are a wonderful boy!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long time, no see

This past weekend Mommy and Daddy went to winter camp with the high schoolers. You went and spent the weekend with Nana, Papa, Uncle Matt and Uncle Alex. It was the first time I have even left you over night, let alone for multiple days!! I think you handled it much better than me. I made up silly things in me head, like you would forget I was your mommy, you would hate me or not want me to be your mommy any more. I knew these things were far from the truth but I still thought them. I was so nervous. You have been my world for the past 14 months. I have spent almost all of my time with you, caring for you or thinking about you. It was so strange to not have you on my hip all weekend. I felt lighter, and not in a way I enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, a little break was nice and I had a great time with the high schoolers but, part of my world was missing. You learned something new when you stayed at Nana and Papa's. You learned how you "pound it"! It's too cute, you put out your little fist and bump knuckles with everyone! It's really sweet. I also discovered that you have become more self aware this weekend. You now point to your eyes and nose when asked where they are and, you know how you are. I asked you this morning, "Where is Jake?" and you pointed to yourself and said, "Jake!". You get quite proud of your self when you learn something new, as you should. It's so sweet to see you learning and growing.  The funniest part about being back together, you are now testing me like crazy. I thought you might cry when you saw daddy and I or the first time or you might ignore us to "punish" us but no, you decided to act out. You banged on the table during our reunion dinner at Chevy's. You very well know you aren't allowed to bang on the table. But never the less you decided to test that waters. Daddy even had to take you out side to have a little chat at one point. You are a little line pusher and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you my boy. It is so good to be back together. Your daddy missed you like crazy and couldn't wait to snuggle with you. You hung out with him on Monday and watched Star Wars! You love being with your daddy! It's so sweet to see the two of you bond and your love for one another grow so deep. Daddy said the other day that he wants 10 more just like you, so get ready for some brothers (and sisters if mommy has anything to say about it!) In good time you will have some, but for now, you are our boy and we like it that way