Friday, March 29, 2013

A Look Back on Jack's First Year

These photos blow me away, I love seeing the change you made each month. Some months it's huge and dramatic and other months is subtle, but grow and change you did! Here is a look back at your monthly photos...

You are one happy and handsome boy my Jackson. I love you more that words can express. I have loved watching and helping you grow these past 12 months. It was challenging at times but always a joy. You are a precious gift, one that I am so thankful for. I love you Jax.

Jackson's Cake Smash

I made a cake...a decent, definitely not great, cake. Then we let you smash it. It was awesome and gross. Here are the play by play pictures...

cake...slightly leaning and a cute crown

sizing up the cake

"I actually get to touch this?"

This is awesome!

using the candle as a hammer to smash the cake


still hammering

squishing cake

Jake and Daddy were encouraging you to go at it!

baby smash cake!

Hi mama, this is great!

The damage

oh, you can eat this?

it's gross

I better try a little more to be sure

want some mama?'s touching my leg!

And there you have it. You smashed that cake good, even used the candle to take it down! Impressive! Happy first birthday to my little cake smasher!

The Day Jack Turned One

Jackson, on the day you turned one we went to the beach. We had planned on having your party that day but, it didn't work out. I like the way things worked out. Your Daddy had the day off, even though it was a Saturday, he will always try to get your birthday off. So we decided to spend sometime together, as a family. We went to our favorite beach, Sunset beach. This beach as you will come to learn is very special to Mommy and Daddy. This is where we feel in love, this is where your Daddy asked me to marry him, it's where we spent many days hand in hand, I waddled around very pregnant here, it's where Jake saw the ocean and felt sand for the first time,  it's where you experienced the beach for the first time too! So we came to celebrate another milestone, your first birthday.  It was a beautiful day full of fun!

Daddy and Jake played with Daddy's RC car

Jake was cold

and cute

you fussed about something but soon forgot, because you love sand!

cute boys

You loved playing in the sand, you would sit up on your knees and launch yourself forward into the sand. 

here your are launching yourself!

you had a blast

my three boys

you boys hold my heart

speed crawling...look at that focus

practicing standing...I was probably jumping you, judging by the smile on your face!

hydrating...and looking tough in that beanie

Daddy and Jake going for a walk...soon you will get to go to.

Happy first birthday little one. We had a great day just enjoying each other and you loved every second at the beach!

Jackson is 12 months old!

The day has finally come my sweet Jax. I no longer refer to your age in months...(Funny story, I had someone ask how old your brother was and I responded 17 months and they said, "so what, is that like a year?" Ever since I have only called you by years after the age of one...some people are not so bright!) You are 12 months old. A whole year old. So much has happened in your short life. It still amazes me how much babies change and grow in one year. 

You have one big temper. You bite, hit or yell when you don't get your's been a doozy disciplining a one year old. But you are also one of the friendliest babies, you wave at passing people, cars, kids, everyone. You have a special flirty smile but for girls, it's a little ridiculous. You like to cuddle and be hugged. You can blow kisses and high five and wave.
You love to dance. You dance when you hear music and when you really like your food. 
You have a goofy chuckle giggle that I love to hear. 
You love your brother and love playing with him. 
You have a regular crawl, which you do very well, and a super speed crawl, you put your head down and a can barely catch you. 
You think it's funny for crawl away when I tell you not to. 
You love guys, you always want your Daddy and you are really effected if he works late or if you don't have enough time with him each day. 
You started out a big boy and you are still pretty big. You are 27 lbs. and 32" long. 
You are wearing size 24 month clothes and some 2T...most of which are your brothers hand-me-downs. 
You have a good little vocabulary: mama, dada, bubu(brother), ball, dog, wawa(woof woof), Papa, nana (for Nana and banana), a dun (all done), nunu (no, no), wawa (water)...the wawa's sound different for woof woof and water, gma (Grandma), gpapa (Grandpa) and lots of grunting and finger pointing.
You have 6 teeth...but are currently teething for about 4 more at least.
You are not walking yet. You stand independently really well and have just started walking while holding someones fingers, you hated it for the longest time. Oh, and when I say you stand independently I mean you literally stand up in the middle of the room not holding on to anything...funny boy. You do stand against couches and walk along them. 
I love when you say mama, you have a slightly husky voice and it sounds deeper than most babies, it just sounds so sweet, and now you say it to get my attention or simply to just say it, not just because you are mad. 
I breast fed you for 12 months. You are now weaned. That's all I'm going to say about that. 
You love food, really meat and veggies. You love chicken, hamburger, turkey sausage, meatballs any meat we have you love. You also love your veggies, peas, green beans, broccoli, carrots, corn. You eat really well. You really love banana's.
You love, I mean absolutely love playing outside. You love being in the sun and being free to crawl around. You love playing in the sand box, you have learned to not eat the sand. You also love the water table, it's getting warm enough to play in it now. 
You love playing with balls, playing catch, dunking the basketball or playing soccer (you crawl around and 'kick' the soccer ball with your hands, it's pretty impressive) 
You are a handful, demanding and opinionated but also very sweet and caring. I am loving getting to know you Jackson, you are a perfect addition to our family. We love you to pieces! 

Waving and Clapping

I think you look like an old man telling a joke

silly faces and giggles

I'm not sure about this hat

this thing feels funny

it's covering my eyes

I can't see!

I think this is supposed to be on my head?

Hooray I'm 1!!!!

Happy 12 Months to one of the sweetest boys I know. You are a delight. I am so thankful that I am your Mama!