Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"My Boy"

This is my favorite thing your daddy calls you by. I just love that he claims you, not that he wouldn't but i just love the way it sounds..."My Boy" are ours and it makes us glow with pride!  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is you and your Papa in your shades. You both look very cool. This man is crazy about you. You are so blessed to have two sets of Grandparents who ADORE the heck out of you!! As you grow they will provide you with wisdom and knowledge, listen to them! They are wise and love you beyond words, seek out their advice, as well as your parents of course, we're not totally stupid...totally.

Mommy/not as cool as the grandparents

Little Razors

This morning I cut your nails. You do quite well with the whole process. I let you get your wiggles out between clipping each tiny nail. Let me tell you, I cut them every week, sometimes more than that and yet some how you manage to scrape your self and everyone else in your path. You have left marks not only on your own face but mine and daddy's and on my legs. Oh, and Grandma and Nana's couches! (you love the feel of leather, and apparently expensive things!!) This weekend I also discovered that your toe nails are as equally sharp as your finger nails. As you are exploring your world you leave your mark in tiny little scratches. And thats why I'm certain that you have little razors for nails!

Mommy/clipper of the razors

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Little Singer

Last night we drove to nana and papa’s house. It’s only a couple hours away but you were getting a little hungry and therefore a little fussy but we turned on some music and you quieted right down. Then you did the cutest thing, you started to sing along. You would only sing when it was the right time and you cooed your little heart out. You really enjoy worship music, it calms you down. I’m sure music will always be a big part of your life, you come from a very musical family, which is such a special gift! Music is such a great way to express your heart and I hope we will be able to make music together someday!!
Love, Mommy/ your biggest fan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh My Goodness!!

You had quite the day. I will upload photos tomorrow but for now here is summary of your day. You were left in your fathers care for the morning so I could get my hair cut. This was the longest I have ever been away from you. You did fine, I was fine. When I came back you were sleeping but, when you woke you gave me the sweetest smile like, "mommy, I missed you, it's so good to see you!" Then you had your four month doctors appointment. I really like your pediatrician, he has this dry sence of humor and he gets right to the point, love that! Anyway, you are 26 3/4 inches long your head is 45cm around and you are 19 lbs. 13 oz. You are the length of a 7 month old and weight of an 8 month old. To put it simpler you are a big boy. Don't feel bad though you are in no way overweight, you are just big, there is nothing wrong with that! You also got shots, two of them. You did so great, even flashed the nurse a smile after you screamed! You are such a flirt! At dinner you tried rice cereal for the first time!! You didn't really know what to think of it. You swallowed some, which is a good sign that you are ready. We will take things slow but I think that you will really enjoy eating. All in all a good day for you!!

On another note I am totally in love with your father, he's fantastic! I am also in love with you little dude! My heart is so full! It's amazing what happens to a mom's heart when she becomes a mom. Her heart expands and fills and swells with love, protection and honor and the very sight of her baby! Truly a miracle just like the miracle of your life!

I love you my big boy!

Mommy/whose heart is full of love

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Melt My Heart

Yesterday you grabbed my finger just because you wanted me close. I love that, you are such a sweet boy...Your baby skin is so soft and smells so sweet I cherish those moments with you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nap Time

Hey Jake,
I have learned a good deal about you in your 4 1/2 months of life. One thing being, you have a breaking point. You get so sleepy and then instead of simply going to sleep you stress your self out about the fact that you are so sleepy. Poor little guy. So today we started instituting nap times. wo naps during the day the first one, one hour the second, two hours. We will try to do this at relitively the same time everyday. Today you went down great for your afternoon nap after we read a book and sang then lights out! Which is another thing I have learned about you, you are a creature of habit. You like it when we do the same thing. At night there is a bottle involved but at all sleep times we read a book, sing, I give you your binkey, Kiss your head and that's that. So that's what we will do every time you sleep. You are already a terrific night time sleeper. Last night you slept 12 hours and you never sleep less than 8! You come from a family who loves to sleep so at least you are catching on well!!

Mommy/who loves you more than her sleep

Stubborn Weekend

You had quite the weekend my friend. We went to San Luis Obispo to see your uncle Steve. it takes 4ish hours to get there and car trips aren't fun for you. Your poor little head slumps forward when you fall asleep and it has to be so boring staring at the back of a seat. We try to take our time stopping when we get hungry and stopping when you get hungry. It's nice to take out time!! We discovered your stubborn streak this weekend. You have this angry cry that pierces my ear drums and my soul! Your lip quivers, your face turns red, you make your hands into fists and you shake them. Now in your defense crying is your only way you have to communicate and you don't cry a lot. However you come by your stubbornness naturally. I am stubborn, your daddy is stubborn. I would even say your nana, grandpa and great grandpa are stubborn, so this streak of yours runs deep in your blood. It is a blessing and a curse. Stubbornness can serve you well in sticking to your guns but it can also hinder open mindedness. I will do my best to help you use this gift as best as possible but to also squash it when it needs to be. I love you my stubborn little son!
Mommy/ the queen of stubborn

Friday, April 16, 2010

Daddy's Little Helper

Today was your first time "helping" your daddy with the Jeep. You sat outside in the warm spring air while daddy talked to you and worked on the Jeep. Someday soon you will think that this is the coolest thing ever. I'm glad that you will be raised around an amazing man like your dad! He will teach you about cars, welding, building and all sorts of other manly things. But you also have daddy to teach you how to be a man of character, how to love, honor and stand up for what you believe in! Daddy will be your hero for sure.

Mommy/daddy's other little helper

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Other News

Your daddy and I went on our first date since you were born. We left after we put you to bed on Tuesday night. Grandma listened to the monitor so we could get away. You may not always like mommy and daddy going places without you but, I know that you will love having a mommy and daddy who love each other. See it's very important that mommy and daddy spend alone time together, this helps us remember why we got together in the first place. I promise to you that you will always have a mom and a dad under one roof that love you and are madly in love with each other. We will work hard to keep it this way. This is my promise to you, my son. We love you!!!

Mommy/the lady who loves your daddy!!

I’m a little behind with your posts but this is a little of what you did on Tuesday. You practiced sitting. Everyday you wake up and are a little bit stronger and a little more cordinated! Soon you will be sitting all by your self! What a big boy you are!
Love, Mommy/ in denial that your growing up!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Laughs

Today you found your laugh!! 
You have no idea how this thrills me. I have been waiting since the day you were born to hear you laugh!!!
 Sadly I wasn't there to hear it in it's fullest. We were out shopping, grandma and I went into the dressing room, you and your daddy stayed outside. You were in your stroller and daddy would pretend to push you away and loose you then he would dramatically grab the stroller and pull you in. You thought this was hilarious!! From what your daddy tells me you were cracking up! He was surprised that we couldn't hear you from inside the dressing room!
Later on you were napping in my arms, which i love, and you laughed in your sleep. Little light chuckles. Seriously the cutest thing.
Before bed you were getting tired and I was trying to keep you awake and I started making a silly noise that you thought was funny and out came your laugh again. Not quite as funny as daddy but I got you to laugh none the less!! I'm proud!
It's amazing what adults will do to see a baby smile or hear them laugh. We act like complete fools! I'm sure in your baby mind you know this and are really laughing AT us. I'm ok with this.
mommy/fine making a fool of myself for you

Little Waver

Today daddy, mommy, grandma, grandpa and of course you went to Mimi's for Sunday brunch. side note, I love brunch...breakfast for lunch = fabulous!! You sat in your stroller kicking and playing while we ate and then you got restless. We pulled you and a sat you between daddy and me in the booth just like a little man!! You did look quite cute. Two ladies walked by and were gawking at you and they waved and said "hello" and I look down and your little arm is going crazy "waving" at them. Your movement resembled hitler a little but it was the cutest thing ever. We all laughed, so you continued to "wave" but, your cordination isn't so good and you hit your self in the eye. Poor little guy. You'll get it!! I continue to discover every day that you are the cutest being on the planet!!
mommy/your biggest fan

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Story TIme

Last night I told you a story. This was my first time making up a story for you but I am a veteran story teller. My family started this tradition and I hope that we will continue it! I think it's great for our imaginations! Here is the story I told you...

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in a castle, his name was Jakob. Jakob loved to play with his friend Jenny. Jenny and Jakob were best friends Jenny never knew here mommy and one day Jenny's daddy married a lady who had a daughter. This lady was not nice to Jenny and Jakob would play with Jenny extra long to keep her away from her mean step-mommy One day Jenny's daddy had to go to war and had to leave Jenny all alone with her step mommy and step sister. Poor Jenny was put to work, cleaning and cooking. (This is when I realized my story was Cinderella and I decided to go down a different path..) One day Jenny stood up to her step mom and told her she wasn't going to take it any more!!! This made her step mommy very very mad and she sent Jenny to a castle where she put her in the tallest tower guarded by a dragon!!! When Jake heard of this he jumped onto his horse and went to save Jenny. When Jake got to the castle he fought the dragon, he fought and he fought. Just as he was about to kill the dragon, the dragon surrendered saying, "wait, don't kill me. I have befriended the girl upstairs, I think you are the guy she told me about. Are you Jakob?" Jake talked to the dragon and then the dragon led him upstairs to Jenny's room. When Jenny say him she squealed and threw her arms around Jakob. They left the castle and went back home, where they were married. They lived in a castle far away from Jenny's icky step mommy where Jacob loved Jenny with all his heart and they had beautiful babies. 
I know this story is like Cinderella mixed with Shrek and it's also pretty girly with the love and babies but you will get more more manly stories from your daddy. For the record you liked it, you smiled and kicked and talked to me the whole time!!

Mommy/expert story teller

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Growing up

Yesterday you turned 4 months old and you celebrated by standing all by your self! Not for very long but you did it!! I’m proud of you my big boy!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Silly Face

Sometimes you make this cracks me up. We call it your baby Buddha face. I'm not sure why you make this face but you do and it's hysterical! I love you my silly face!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Giants Fan!!

We went to your first Giant's game on Friday (A's vs. Giants...the Giants won!!) You slept for the first half of the game and then smiled at drunk women for the last half! You loved looking at the lights and thought everyone scream was a bit much. Your daddy and I love going to baseball games and can't wait to take you to more...we love to sit in the left field bleacher, not only is it cheaper but you get to catch home runs!! and the fans out there are really entertaining! You wore your jersey to show your support and you got a fun certificate to commemorate your first cute...thanks Giants!