Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jack is 2 Months Old

Hey Jack, 
You are two months old my son!! It seems time has flown but yet I can't remember a time with out you! You have certainly made your mark on our lives already. 

You are a sweet baby. You have officially started smiling at us. You flash me that sweet smile during night time feedings and when we play. You smile at your brother when he talks to love your brother. You give your Daddy huge grins and you love to listen to him talk. 

This month you have started interacting with your world. Not only do you smile at us but you have begun batting at toys. You love watch your coo at him and he loves to show you his toys! I can tell that you already have a sweet bond with your brother and I'm excited to see it grow. 

You are sleeping pretty good. A morning nap and an afternoon nap when your brother naps...this nap time has helped me catch up on sleep, rest or get somethings done. our last night feeding is at 11pm and you sleep till 4:30am consistently...not bad! Last night is was till 5:30am...that was nice! 

You eat every 2 hours maybe sooner if you feel like it. You spit up quite a bit, were trying to figure out if there is something more going on. You are quite the pooper...and tooter...I will leave it at that. 

You love to cuddle, you go right to sleep in someones arms, You love smile so big! 

You really are so cute!! You have rolls and a pudgy tummy, my favorite roll you have is on the back of your ankle...or should I say cankle (when your calfs blend into your ankles)? 

We are still eat about every two hours except for at night. Breastfeeding hasn't been easy and I almost threw in the towel but...we are sticking with's what's best for you right now so that's my motivation. 

You are in size 2 or 3 diapers and 6 month clothes...but soon you will be moving up a size! 

I do have to say, you are not perfect, you are fussy almost every night around 7 or 8. You have this shrill cry that is crazy and oh your lip!! You have the poutiest bottom will quiver and pout whenever you aren't having your needs met fast enough. you are becoming less gassy but you still spit up quite a bit... Dr.O said we could give you some Maylox to help but as long as you are happy and spitting there is nothing wrong. 
You are just a perfect addition to our family, Jack, we love having you in our lives, I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

Your Stats: 
18 lbs. 8oz. (4 lbs. in a month...I think I'm feeding you cream!)
24 1/2 inches long

Here you are...your monthly chair photos.

I propped you up and snapped a few quick photos

then you started to slouch

 and eventually you were leaning pretty good...but still so cute!

your fist was up most of the time we were taking pictures...I hope you don't want to punch your Mama!

 Look at these sweet chunky thighs!!! 

I love this look you give me

Do I detect some attitude?

So dapper!!

ahh you are so cute!!

My little chunky monkey!

You look so grown up...stop that!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Moments I Live For

The first few weeks/months with an infant aren't always a piece of cake. Exhaustion, breastfeeding, diaper changes, crying plus your taking care of your big brother. Life has been a day by day, even a moment by moment kind of thing lately. Breastfeeding hasn't been the easiest for us, you are having quite the tummy troubles, your little body is figuring out how to do everything and it can be quite painful for you...lots of sized toots! 

But there are these moments...these gem's, if you will...that I will treasure in my heart forever. 

In the middle of the night you will finish your meal and flash me the sweetest smile. It melts my heart and makes being awake at 3 or 4 in the morning totally worth it! 

Your little smiles and coo's have become the things the I live for. The little moments that I stick in pocket and remember when things aren't going so easy, those moments are becoming less and less as you grow.

Your smile is so sweet and it warms my heart. 

Love, Mommy/i love being your mommy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter kind of snuck up on me...our life has been a little crazy around here. Between new baby Jack and Jake being a toddler. We had a great time this easter though. We kept it simple and shared it with the people we love the most. Remembering the one who loves us the most, Hallelujah, He is risen!

Boys, Easter gets over looked so often, I don't think it gets the focus it deserves. Easter is just as important as Christmas...if not more so. Not only was our savior born but he lived as a man and died...for you and me! He fulfilled prophesies and saved us all from certain death and eternity away from Him. As you get older I look forward to teaching you the importance of Lent, Jesus' journey to the cross, Good Friday and Easter. There will be lots of crafts and object lessons over the years to help you learn and remember the importance of this season. Since you are both young we started small this year. We ready the Easter story in your Bible and then we made Resurrection Rolls!!

First Jake, you got your Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa. It had lots of outside toys and bug hunting things in it...we can't wait to use has rained everyday since Easter!

Now for the Resurrection Rolls! 

Jake, you had a great time eating!

Stuff those marshmallows...

Sugar face

So these rolls are super easy to make:
Croisant Roll dough
a large Marshmallow rolled in melted butter than cinnamon and sugar
then the mallow wrapped in the dough.
and enjoy the object lesson!

Jesus is the marshmallow...roll him in spices and wrap him in burial clothes...stick him in the tomb/oven and when he comes out he is gone!

Jake, you loved rolling the marshmallows in the sugar mix

Sitting on the counter baking...I love it!

our finished rolls...ready for baking!

playing in the sugar

can't let it go to waste...lets eat it!

messy face!

ready for rolls...drinking some juice

careful...they are hot!

Where is Jesus?

"Jesus went, zoom to heaven!" That is how Jake described what happened to Jesus

More Easter festivities...

Monster trucks!!


 You boys are too loved...three Easter baskets?!?!

"Daddy, I want some M&M's.....please"

Look were here too...actually you were at all of the events above...just sleeping! Here you are happy in Grandma's arms!

We had to play in the water table before hunting for eggs

Found one!

A sneaky egg...hiding in Uncle Matt's hood.

Found another had to shake each one as you found it.

lots of eggs...some were filled with candy...others with money!!

So cute!

tuckered out...

let's check out the stash!

Chocolate coin! 

Happy Easter boys!! We had the best time hanging out with our families...Still can't get over the fact that that love each other and enjoy hanging out...we are so blessed!!