Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Look Like Daddy

Look how cute you are! You look so much like your daddy with his glasses on. You think it's funny to play with Daddy's glasses. You learned early on to not touch them but now you love trying them on. 

You are too cute my boy!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorating The Tree!

Hey Jake, 
We decorated our tree had a great time! Here are some pictures of our time...

You were so good about being gentle with the ornaments

 You tried to shove the ornaments on the tree...

 But you quickly learned how to hang them...and then asked, "more ornaments please!"

 You really did a great job...

 Look how cute you are...very focused!

 You enjoyed yourself too!


 Our were sad when we were done.

 Merry Christmas!

This Christmas season has been great so far. It's so much fun with you running around, amazed by everything.  It's such a joyful time and we love sharing it with you!

Mommy/ loved decorating the tree with year you will be three and have a brother!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

To get Christmas started in Grandma and Grandpas house we go Christmas tree hunting! It's been a life long tradition for me and something that I'm so excited for you to experience too!
The place we used to go when I was young was far away and had this scary cliff we had to drive next to. The place we go now is in Holister...a city just south of us. Its a short drive and this place is owned and run by a great family, us there is a bunch of stuff for you to do...besides run around in the dirt!
Here is our journey Christmas tree hunting... are not a fan of Santa, I don't blame you, he's a strange man in a funny outfit...

Then, You grabbed a saw (a kid saw with a plastic blade...I'm a good mom I promise!)

And we were on our way

Then we debated which one was the best...tall enough...full enough

You were just excited to chop a tree down with your saw!

Then you got a little bored and you and daddy went exploring...when you sit on your daddy's shoulders you either play with his beard/side burns or you stick your fingers in his's just you loving your daddy

Daddy intimidating the trees...

Then we found it...the tree we got was a little stubborn and Santiago helped us chop it down...with a chainsaw, which you loved

Then we waited, the guys put our tree on the shaker and then bagged it and helped us get it on the car.

Jack, you were here are about 27 weeks old here

After we got our tree we went on a tractor sleigh ride

You were pretty excited...

You loved watching the tractor!

I love this picture...just a sweet moment

And I can't get enough of this were talking to us and plopped your head cute!

After the tractor ride we went to the petting zoo...

It was quite a fun really enjoyed yourself.

I keep thinking back to last were almost 1 and not walking, now you are running around, speaking in sentences! What a difference a year makes.

Jack you were here too...and next year you will have a great time with your brother! I can't wait!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making Gingerbread Houses

Hey Jake,
I love this picture of us!
It has become a yearly tradition in the Meyer house to have a Gingerbread competition. We all plot and look for inspiration all year long. It's a pretty big deal but, it's all in good fun. There is no real winner...because we would all declare ourselves the winner!! This year we bought some cookies for you to decorate as we did our houses. I wasn't sure if you would like it or not but you wildly exceeded any of my expectations! 

 Here is Uncle Matt starting on his creation...

 You didn't waste any time you jumped right in. Asking for different colors of frosting and speeding it out with the spoon. I was very proud of you...look at your concentration!

 Having a good time!

 My happy boy!

 Then things got a little crazy...

 You painted your tummy and arms with different colors. You would ask "Mama, red please!" and I would ask you where you wanted it and you pointed to your arm!

 Nana...decorating her house!

 Uncle Steve

 Mommy...creating a creepy village!!

Daddy, sculpting papa's head

 You were just content to play and get messy

 Nana thought it would be funny to make you blow kisses and get your face all messy!

 Messy Boy!!

 You liked the taste of the kept licking your lips and saying, "mmmm".

 Eventually you got pretty sticky and weren't having fun any more. Daddy and Uncle Matt gave you a shower and cleaned you all up, but you loved getting messy. I was so surprised that you got yourself messy. You hate being messy. But, I think it's good for you to get messy sometimes and explore the things around you!


 Uncle Alex



 You were curious as to what I was doing and you wanted to eat all my gummy bears!

Here are our Gingerbread creations all finished!

My Zombie infested snow village!

 Nana's Christmas tree farm

 Uncle Alex's Tank

 Daddy and Uncle Matt made Papa

 Grandpa made a borg ship

 Uncle Steve's amplifier (I think that's what it is...he had plans and everything!)

 Grandmas Fall House

We have a great time each year and it's so fun that my family has joined in the tradition too! I love that you can have both families together and it's never stressful for anyone...they all love each other!

We had a very eventful Thanksgiving weekend! 

I'm so glad that you love your family and that you are comfortable with all of them. We have great families Jake, you are so blessed! 

Mommy/ love my messy boy!