Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas pictures

This is us...Christmas morning. Before any stockings, before any gifts and before breakfast. So, we took these quick and had a great time. We had been meaning to take family photos for over a month now but Christmas crafting, birthdays and sickness had gotten in the way. So, I told my sweet hubby what I wanted to do and he got on board and made it happen. I love that! 

So here are some shots of us just being a family...

Jack clearly just wants to smack his brother in these photos...he smacks because he loves.

once we asked Jake to be silly that's all that would happen.

The basketball was from stockings the night before and it was keeping them there it is!

Our family looks a little different this year...we are a family of 4! Crazy how so much can change in one year!

Merry Christmas from the Meyer Family!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Photos of the Boys

Christmas Photos of the boys...

 I attempted to get some brother shots...but...this happened

 Some sillyness then...some sitting around and talking...

Ended with a kiss...

Jake's turn...

Slightly disagreeable but cute none the less. 

Merry Christmas from the Meyer boys...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jake's 3 Year Pictures

So, I have had this idea in my head for quite some time...I wanted pictures of Jake running around a Christmas tree farm. Not overly Christmasy but a nod to the month in which he was born. I was bummed when all of my efforts to get to the Christmas tree were thwarted, by either my children or the So, the other day it dawned on me...we have a little forest right outside our front door. There was a break in the rain, the only break that day, and with that break came a little glimpse of sun, beautiful golden sun at that. Thank you children and weather for finally getting your act together! 

Here are Jake's official 3 year pictures. 

tree hugger...

I'm not sure what the attitude was about but it sure is cute!

hiking through the 'forest'

muddy boy shoes...nothing better!

"Jake, look at Mommy...where is the camera...who loves you?"

Jake's response: "you do Mom..." (the duh was implied)

His mannerisms are becoming more and more boy like...

These are my favorites of the day...growing up way too fast!

Then Jake fell...he kept apologizing like I cared that his pants were muddy...I have never been one to care. Clothes wash, no worries. He was concerned...see picture on left. Then, When he saw that I didn't care he became 'Muddy Monster'...see picture on right. 

He dusted his hands off...picture on the left. Put a smile on...picture on the right...then chased me around being 'Muddy Monster'. Then our gap in the rain was gone and we ran inside. Sometimes these plan B situations work out way better than if I had dragged him to some other place. Taking pictures with a 3 year old needs to be done casually any ways. If anything is too planned or uptight it will go wrong. So, from now on we will be running in fields or doing something while we take pictures. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Yearly Interview with Jakob

This is our second year doing an interview with Jake. I really look forward to doing this with him every year. He has such great answers! A few of the answers were guided or he was given a few things to choose from...I was just glad I got him to answer all of the questions with no protest! Boys...all they want to do is run and play! So here are Jake's answers to his Interview on his 3rd Birthday! comments are in parentheses!

What is your favorite color? Blue (this changes daily, it's usually blue, green sometimes red)

What is your favorite toy? Cash Register (he just got this as his party the night before and hasn't stopped playing with it...he probably plays cars most often.)

What is your favorite TV show? Jake and the Neverland Pirates (this explains why we had a Neverland Pirates party)

What is your favorite food? Chicken nuggets, fires, apples and chocolate milk (standard McDonalds meal)

What is your favorite treat? Chocolate! (I was surprised by this answer, I would have thought lollipops)

What is your favorite drink? Bug Juice (a liquid sugar beverage)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A rally car driver (I still think this is so cool!)

What is one thing that you do awesomely? jump and run really fast (He was running and jumping as he was saying this...)

What are three words that describe you? fast, silly and strong (I gave him a few options and he chose these)

What is one thing that you dislike? 'going in the dark' (he won't walk into a dark room alone, it's a good way to keep him out of certain places)

What is your favorite book? 'Jungle Jeep' (this warms my aunt got him this book at his shower, she is no longer with us and this book reminds me of her every time!)

What is your favorite band/song? 'Tractor Tractor' by Slugs and Bugs and Butterflies (He asks me to sing this song daily!)

What is your favorite thing to learn about? 'School...colors...painting, I love painting' (I love that he loves painting!)

What makes you happy? 'my smile' (this answer surprised me...I think might mean he smiles when he's happy or he likes his smile...either way, cute answer)

What makes you sad? 'my heart makes me sad cause I don't like to grow up' (I'm not sure where this anxiety was coming from but this is a very honest and eye opening answer...could he already be dreading growing up?)

What is your favorite thing to do with Dad? 'Play wrestle' (oh yeah it is, can't keep this kid from constantly jumping on Erik)

What is your favorite thing to do with Mom? 'Play cars with ya' (I love how he said this...warms my heart)

Who is your best friend? Andrew DeLucca (he really enjoyed having him as his party)

Well there you have it. I really enjoyed hearing his answers this year, he didn't need very much guidance from me and he was so honest. Such a great boy! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Lights

Because every Christmas season needs to be celebrated with boys in feety pajamas and playing with Christmas lights! 

I love the ages you both are at makes taking pictures difficult but I am truly loving just enjoying you both. I cherish our times together, I am so thankful that I get to stay home and be your Mommy!

Merry Christmas my sweet boys!! 

Please don't fret...these are indoor/outdoor lights and they were being very closely supervised! These are modern LED lights that don't get hot...I love my children...that's all that matters really!