Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Bulldog

I love this picture of you look so cute. I also think this outfit is perfect for you. You are solid like a little bulldog...I'll leave it at that. You are my little bulldog and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bed Jumping

Hey Jake, 

You have a love for life that is contagious. It's such a pleasure to watch you discover the world and in doing so you help me re-discover everyday joys. 

One of your favorite things to do is jump on Mommy and  Daddy's bed...under close supervision of course. You were having a grand ol' time jumping around while I was taking Jackson's pictures. I couldn't help but capture your excitement for life!

Happy little bed jumper!



Sweet little feet

learning to do a summersault 

such a silly boy!!

I love you my silly make life so much fun!!

Mommy/ sometimes we jump on the bed together...shhh...don't tell!!

A Cute Little Update!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hey Boys, 

You two are so cute together!

Jack, you love to watch Jake. You are in awe of him when he runs, jumps and plays. You coo at him and give him huge grins, you know he's your brother. 

Jake, you are such a good big brother. You always come with me to change Jack's diapers and you are always very concerned when Jackson cries. You are a big helper and always give Jackson his binky or burp cloth, if they get dropped. You kiss Jackson's head and tell him you love him! It's so sweet to watch you with him. 

Here are a few pictures of you two together...Jake has a hard time letting Jackson take his pictures...too much attention on the little!

I can tell already that you two will have a meaningful relationship. Brothers...i hear...have a special bond. They are your playmate and confidant. I hope that you boys will enjoy each others friendship and brotherhood! I will do my best to foster a caring relationship between the two of you. It is so important to me that you not only get along but that you learn what a value family and siblings are. 

Mommy/love my boys

Jackson is 3 Months Old

Happy 3 months little Jack! 

You are growing more and more into a little person everyday. I have to say I'm excited to see you grow. I have learned that the little baby stage is not my favorite. There are things I love about much you sleep and that you will sleep so easily in my arms. Now you are developing this opinion...and you were already pretty opinionated. You still love to be fact you hate not being held. It could be worse really...there will come a time when you no longer want to be for now our house is a disaster and you are happy and held most of the time. You hate tummy time...when ever I put you on your tummy your throw your arms out to the side and refuse to lift your head...and you scream like I'm trying to kill you. I'm not trying to kill you, I promise, just trying to help your neck muscles develop. You do love to be held upright, on someones shoulder in classic burp position or have me hold you sitting on my knees facing love that. You also tolerate your infant seat so I can get ready in the morning...when we don't stay in pajamas all day. I'm really making myself sound like a house is a disaster and pi's all day...but I have two loved and cared for boys!! 

Anyway...look how much you've grown!! 

You are now smiling all the have the sweetest smile!!  You also love to coo and ohh and ooo and goo. You are quite the little talker. 

I'm guessing you weigh close to 20 lbs. we visit the Dr. next month to know for sure. 
You are in 9 month clothes because you are so long! 

You love to kick your little legs...getting ready for all that running you will do with your brother. 

You have started to reach for toys and bat at them. 

You sit in a highchair at dinner so you can be with the rest of us...that will make the tradition to solids pretty easy. Which we will slowly start you on next are currently refuse to take a bottle. You eat about every two hours and go from 9 to 4:30am at night so a nice long stretch. I'm hoping we can drop that with the addition of some solids next month. You are much less gassy than you were but you still spit up so all the time. But obviously you are gaining weight. I have gotten used to being slightly soaked all day. I try to let you lay down after you have eaten so things can settle and I have stopped burping you...if you burp almost your whole meal comes back up...gross...but no matter what I do you barf all day long all over everyone...hopefully solids and learning to sit will help. 

You are a very social little are almost always long as you are part of the action!

We sing together every night before bed. I sing you a song and you just coo right's one the the high lights of my day.

You have stained our couch with spit up and least Ikea sells extra covers! 

There are times when I'm overwhelmed but then I look at you, happy and kicking, and I know everything is ok. This time in life means I get less done around the house but it is so short, soon you will be running around and doing school that I will long for these days of sitting on the couch holding you. 

You have to bluest eyes and the cutest rolls...

See you cry were upset because Jake kicked your head...tis the life of the youngest! When you cry you get this big pouty lip and you have've had tears since birth...most babies don't get tears til later. 

I love when you grab my finger. You have started figuring out how your hands work and you love to suck on your fingers.

Jackson Ray, you are a delight to have in our family. I am loving watching you grow and discover the world around you. You seem to be quite the clever little guy and there is a little twinkle in your eye that could be mischief!! I am excited to continue to get to know you and see who you develop into. 

Oh, one more recent have started crying when Jake upsets you so much! Which makes for an exciting time in our house when both boys are screaming...this to shall pass...right???

Mommy/ absolutely adore you! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Big Imagination have the greatest imagination. Your Daddy has helped you develop this great imagination. Partly in playing with you but mostly in the bedtime stories he tells you. Right now you are on a Monster love it! You love Daddy's fact they get taken away if you aren't good, that's how much you like them. But, these stories are full of adventure and you get to help guide the story. Your daddy will have you name characters or choose where the story is set and you just lay there and listen in awe. You even tell me about the stories the next morning. These stories have helped you come up with your own adventures while you play. You have a corner of the couch which is currently your 'messy jungle' I have no idea why it's messy but there are lions and monkeys in this jungle! It's amazing to see your mind work! 

The other day you and Daddy were playing and I came in and took some pictures...

You were talking on the phone...I think to Uncle Matt...maybe Papa

You are such a cute boy

You love to talk on your phone. Yesterday I caught you talking to Matt and Alex...two separate conversations and this is what I heard. "Hi, Uncle Matt, Yeah I just fussy and crying today (you were pretty fussy), I can't help it, ok, yeah, i love you, bye!" You were just having a little phone conversation. Too cute!

I am so glad that you have a Mommy and Daddy that love to play with you. So if our house is always a mess know that it's because I love to play with you and think you deserve to be played with! We play cars, monster trucks, forts, star wars, cooking, puzzles, blocks, you name it. Your favorite is playing cars...which is good because you have a HUGE collection...hopefully you will share with Jack soon! 

Mommy/loves to play with you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Annual Family Camping Trip!

The Meyer family has this tradition...every year we go camping. It started out as us going to the church camping trip with Daddy's family and then they would go a week before the trip and we would tag along and now it has become this family tradition. Every year we go camping at the KOA in Santa Cruz/Monterey for the weekend. Mommy has been going since Daddy and I were dating and both of you have been going since you were born. Jack, this is your first year...obviously. Jake, this is your third year! This place is awesome...we all have so much fun! This year, and most years our trip falls on my birthday weekend, which I love! So not only did we have a great time as a family I got to spend my birthday weekend with my family (Mommy's family came over for the day...minus Grandpa...we missed you, Grandpa!!)!! I was nervous for our trip. Jake, you are a light sleeper and I thought you would wake up when we came in the tent and when I had to get up to feed Jack, and Jack I thought you might scream and wake up everyone. But, to my were both fantastic!! No one woke up, more than normal and we had a GREAT time. This trip really encouraged me to take more trips with you two. I think we are going to go camping more often!! So...look out boys, you are going go will love it I promise. What's not to love about the outdoors and dirt! Pancakes in the morning and burgers for dinner! Plus Mommy's special apple dessert and smore's!! 

Ok well enough of me talking. We had a great time...

Here are some pictures to prove it....

We love Ted...and ted loves the dog park at KOA

Teddy sitting pretty for a stick...yes, he loves his sticks.

Nana and Mommy

We went to the Aquarium in San Francisco for my was so much fun! 

They had these tunnels where the fish swim around you and you stand on a moving walk way...super cool!

You were slightly intimidated by the fish Jake.

You loved the touch pools! 

Giant's fans!!

This year you really loved this jump pillow. 

You were able to jump on your own!! 

You loved to run around on bouncy!!

Jake and Uncle Matt jumping!!

Jake and Uncle Alex

 The Meyer Men!!

Jake you were hesitant at first...typical first born but once you started jumping you loved it!

You said, "look I'm jumping like the big kids!!" it made me so proud!

You loved to jump!

You really enjoyed climbing on the logs...look at that tongue sticking out!

Jake and Daddy playing on the jump pillow!

Crazy Uncle Matt!!

Running around Daddy!!

Playing Popcorn...poop Papa

Cute Jake!!

Cute Daddy!!

Such a happy camping boy!

Mama and Jack...see Jack you were here too!! Next year you are going to love this!!

Jake, you started pitching a fit, you didn't want to stop playing to eat dinner, so...your uncles mocked you!! 

Well little ones...
We had a great time, as you can see.
 Each year we have more and more fun as you two grow and can do more things. Next year we will have a walker and a pre-schooler!! Oh my!! 
I am so glad that we can hang out together and go camping every year. We are so blessed! I am so thankful that you boys will grow up with these fond memories of your family!! I'm already looking forward to next year!!

Mommy/so excited to do more camping!!