Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Muddy Puddles!

Hey Jake,

It has been raining for the past couple of days. Today we woke up and it was sunny! So we went out side to enjoy the weather, we put on your froggy boots, which you LOVE, and went exploring!

We walked all around in the dirt (the joy of living on 10 acres) and you kept looking down to see if your boot were muddy. They were, but only slightly. You were wanting them to get really muddy. So we kept walking and you found, literally, the only puddle left after the rain. 

I suggested that you go jump in it...little did I know just how much you would love muddy puddle jumping!

First big jump!

"Look Mommy, I in the mud!"

You were really enjoying your self.

Big splashes!

I love letting you get dirty!

This is the joy of childhood!

You only got stuck a few times..."Mama, I stuck in the mud...help please!"

Those froggy boots worked great! You loved looking at them in the mud.

"I happy jumping in the mud!"

So cute!

Muddy boots!

One more big splash before nap time!

The after math...

These pictures make me feel slightly red neck...you in your monster truck shirt, jumping in mud, standing on a truck. Oh well, I am so thankful that you get to grow up here. With space to run and explore! I would say this is why I love having boys...but really any child that ends up in our family I'm sure will love puddle jumping! What's not to love?!?!

I love that you get to grow up like this Jake...with tractors, trucks and dirt! You are your brother will have a blast out here! 


Mommy/ I need to get me some boots too!!

Some Maternity Pictures...

I took some pictures of us yesterday. We are almost 36 weeks along here. I just had to have some pictures of us. I'm sure there will be more to come but for now...here we are!

Love you monkey boy...keep growing!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

35 Weeks and Counting

With each passing week I feel a sense of excitement as we near your due date. But I also feel like this could take forever. The last month is always the longest...in good and bad ways. I'm ready to meet you...but I still have things I need to get done, or feel I need to get done before your arrival. Also, you aren't done growing...so please little one stay safe until you are ready. 

35 weeks is such an interesting time...You grow everyday and have the craziest kicks. Random people make comments everyday about my hugeness (so thoughtful). I am perpetually thirsty...I drink 6 huge ball jars....at least...plus tea and milk and such. When I do the dishes my belly gets soaked. When I eat things drip on you. You kick when your daddy talks to you and when your brother lays his head on my tummy. I haven't gotten puffy yet, so thankful for no sausage toes. Finding clothes to wear is difficult. Leggings and long shirts on a daily basis. My body is sore...I don't sleep the greatest...for many reasons. My mind is thinking of all the things I need to do to feel prepared for you, my sides get sick of me laying on them, and  I get hot...then cold...then hot...then cold. You sleep through the night if I don't get up, I hope that is a sign of things to come...your brother was a great sleeper (we worked hard at that). Your feet push out so hard on my right side...we can actually feel your foot...toes and heel. It's amazing. At our last doctor appointment the midwife said you feel like a big boy. I figured as much...your bother was 9lbs. 13oz. so I wasn't thinking you were going to be small. There is just more of you to love!! I am currently loving starchy foods...I know so good for me right? I have been consistently craving savory foods with you, with the exception of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (I have a serious weakness for that cereal). All I want to eat is hearty breakfast foods...eggs, hash browns, wheat toast, sausage. Luckily there are healthy options for those so we haven't gained too much weight. It's funny the thought of sweet foods turns my stomach. I have been feeling pretty well...tired...but great. Slightly sore/joints stretched out but nothing out of the ordinary. I just really want to lay down and sleep...good sleep. But other moments I'm all full of energy and ready to get stuff done. 

Having this on our calendar is really making things real. We only have a few weeks until you could make your arrival. Due dates are funny things. They are set up so definitively and really it's a loose guesstimate. It is basically torture to wait. As soon as that due date comes and goes...I turn into the most impatient mama. Oh man. I hate not being in control and this is the ultimate not in control moment. Beyond wanting to hold you there is a real concern that I won't be able to deliver you and will have to have a C-section...not what I want at all. Especially having you and your brother. I love the quick recovery of a natural birth. Your brother was difficult for me to deliver (little stinker was not only big but face up...HELLO!!) and if we have to induce again I might need an epi-dural...which I neither want nor can afford again. Really, as soon as I had that dpi-dural after laboring for a whole day (12 hours) on pitocin with no drugs, I was like...Oh, this is why women get these!!! I didn't have an out of touch feeling at all, I knew right when those contractions were coming and I could push. Not that you need to know this. But, you can tell I am starting to remember what labor was like the first time and I'm starting to fret about my impending labor with you. Now, lets take a moment and learn from your mother. I have no reason to worry about anything. Your brother got here safe. So will you (In whatever way that is). Labor the first time was long but really...momentary in the grand scheme of things. So, instead of what if, I need to stay focused on the fact that soon we will have a sweet baby boy. You are the best reward and that is what I need to remember. This time will be different. I have done this all before. There are very few unknowns at this point. nursing, burping, changing...old hat by now. But the reality of having you and your toddler brother running around is sometimes a bit scary. I can't just sit and take care of you...although there will be times like that because I have a great family that will gladly watch Jake.

I am in such anticipation of the moment your brother will meet you. I just know he is going to be a great big brother. At first he might be disappointed that you won't come out walking, talking and playing. But, he is very caring and will be such a big helper with you. He loves to help and I have fostered that as much as possible so he will love to help you too! 

Your Daddy is super excited to meet you. He said that he knows what to expect and that has him even more excited. He feels you kicking all the time and last night even felt your whole foot when you were pushing. We talk to you and play music to you. You are so still and then when we stop you go crazy, flipping (ok more like rolling since you are running out of room) and kicking.

This post is going on forever...

We are getting ready for you Jack...

I made these banners for above your crib...they are coming to the hospital with us to brighten up the room!

Your crib is made and ready for you

this is the chair we will sit in...the boppy is ready and my bag is starting to be packed

a hat and blanket I made for you...just waiting for a baby boy wear them!

our little changing station...wipes, sanitizer, pee pee tee pee's, burp clothes and some light reading...John Westley teachings...

Everything is getting ready for you. Now I just need to clean like crazy. I feel the need to use a toothbrush on everything. Oh, nesting...

Keep growing little boy...we can't wait to meet you!!

Mama/ just want you in my arms!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Day at the Beach

Daddy started his new job on Saturday. So to soak up our last non-working day together, we went to the beach.
We love spending time together, and we all love the beach so we had a great time!
Here are some pictures of our day!

You loved playing in the sand! Squishing it between your toes and letting it sift through your fingers.

The water was pretty chilly but you had to stick your toes in. As soon as I took this picture a big wave came and I had to grab you and run! You thought it was hysterical!

Jack, you were there too!

More playing in the sand!

Daddy dug a hole, you helped and then stuck your feet in so we buried them!
You thought it was so funny. You stood there and shouted "Ahh, I'm stuck!" and giggled. As soon as we pulled you out you wanted right back in.

The sun was shining and it was fairly warm. It was such a beautiful day. One that is burned in my mind. I just love being with you boys! It's so wonderful to just enjoy each others company. I am such a blessed woman!

I had to prove I was here too!

With Daddy having a new job I know it will take some getting used to. I have already explained to you a few times, why Daddy has to go to work. The first few nights at bed time you would cry, "I don't want Dada to leave!". It broke Daddy's heart. There is nothing more he would rather do than stay home with you. But, someone has to make money for us to live...sadly. So, your Daddy, the great man that he is, sucks it up everyday and goes to work to provide for us, because he loves us. That's not saying Daddy doesn't like his job, he really does like it! This job will allow your daddy to either have breakfast with us or dinner and bed time. Sometimes both! The Lord has so graciously provided us with exactly what we needed...no more...no less. Well, actually way more than I could ever have thought to ask for! He truly is our provider, remember that boys, He always provides what we need when we are faithful and follow Him!

It's been an adjustment for all of us, with Daddy going back to work but, I feel so grateful! It's been good for me, I've had to step up and be productive, we spend time together and I get most of the house work done! It's the team work of Mommy and Daddy that make our life happen!

This was a great day, a great way to kick off our new beginning!

Mommy/ Daddy's new job is close to the beach...that means many more trips are in our future!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Big Belly!!

Hey Jack,
You have been cooking in my tummy for about 33 weeks. You are about the size of a cabbage. It feels like  you have gotten huge over night...I mean look at you...Hello Baby!!

This week I have started to waddle really good. You haven't stopped kicking, you still have nightly dance parties and you kick my ribs every now and then. We are mostly ready for you to make your debut and I'm about ready for you to be here. It's funny that I forget about this time in pregnancy...I can't get comfortable in bed, my body is starting to ache, I'm tired, and just ready to hold you. 

I want you to keep cooking...but don't get to comfortable in there I would really like you to be born in February...no holding out for March...they will induce me before then but I don't want to force you out...that wasn't fun with Jake. I really want to know what it's like to go into labor and drive to the hospital breathing...not nervous wondering what labor is like. 

Whatever happens it will be great...because we get you! This week I have had a little more energy, I think I'm just extra motivated to get the house ready and clean for you. I haven't been craving anything specific...breakfast food really sounds good...eggs, sausage, hash browns...yumm!! My clothes are starting to not fit so well...no more stretching regular shirts out...now it's all maternity clothes. We are all so excited to meet you, to see what you will be like and who you will look like. 

Keep cooking baby!! 

Mama/ ready to have you in my arms!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year boys!! 

2011 was quite a year...here's our New Year's card that we sent out...I think it does a pretty good job of summing up our year!!

As we more into 2012 together so much is going to change. Jack, you will come into this world soon. Jake you will soon be a big brother. This is a huge life changer! I promise that your Daddy and I will be there for you two through it all. If you get jealous Jake and when you need to eat in the middle of the night Jack. Were in this together and it will great, exhausting, but so very great! 

Each year your Daddy and I choose one word to focus on to help guide us through the year. This last year it was, Togetherness. We started a business together and made family time and just Mommy and Daddy time a priority! This year our word is Passion. For us, this means diving deeper into things we are passionate about. For Daddy this means learning and teaching through his on-line Everyday Theology page. For me this means falling in love with photography again...and finishing school!! So, for you boys this means that Mommy and Daddy will happy, when we are doing what we love, it helps us to love life and you more! God has given us each passions, talents and joys. They are there for a reason. God wants to use what he gives you to help you learn about him more, learn about your self more and to effect others! Jack will be a bit young for this to hit home...but the over flow of this year is sure to effect your life! Jake, for you this means Mommy and Daddy fostering talents and passions we see in you now. You already love to color and paint...so we will be doing more of that. You love cars so, you and Daddy will work on the cars together. Little things like that will help you explore the passions the Lord has given you, even at the age of two! Like I said earlier...these one word yearly focus bleed over into the rest of our lives.  Last year we learned so much about togetherness that it will help us always make family a priority! This will effect you boys for the rest of your lives. How we function as a family and making you a priority will help shape who you grow up to be. That is slightly scary as a parent, we need to be living as God has called us to, so you can be the best examples of Christ that you can be! This pressure helps me feel the weight of responsibility I have for you. It's an honor but also a huge responsibility to have you boys placed in our care. By God's grace alone...we live to teach you about Him!! 

So here's to 2012...our year of Passion!! Let's live our lives with passion!!

Mama/ it shouldn't be too hard to renew my passion for photography with one cute model and another one on the way!!

My Little Artist

Hey Jake, 

remember the easel you got for Christmas...and those finger paints I made you??

Well, we busted them out the other day...you had been asking since Christmas Day and we finally found time! 

So, here you are finger painting for the first time!

 At first you only dipped one finger and painted

Then you started dunking your whole hand 

 Then you started picking up paint out of one jar and dropping it in another..."I colors mixing mama!"

I think you had more fun playing with the paint than actually painting! 

I'm so glad that you liked it...you used to hate getting dirty and having stuff on your hands!

 This is one of the cutest faces you make...you were drawing a fast race car, you were moving your hand up and down saying, "faster, faster, faster" 

This easel is very cool, it has a white board on the other side and Grandma got you dry erase crayons in your stocking for Christmas...Perfect!! 

You have such focus when you color...and pretty good hand position too! 

You love coloring...every night since Christmas you have colored on this thing, you have gone through quite a lot of paper, but you love it. I am so glad that you love art! I'm excited to try new things with you this year! 

Mama/ I love to color with you!!!