Friday, March 30, 2012

Guess The Baby!!

Let's play a game...

Which baby is Jack and which baby is Jake!?!?

Can you tell? 

I can barley tell...and it's not from your's from the hat you are wearing!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life With Two

Hey Boys, 

Oh do people do this? Ok it's not really that bad, but having two little ones is a challenge. One needs a diaper change the other one needs to be fed and I need to pee. Everyone seems to need something all at same time and it usually ends in one or more kids crying. It will get easier as time moves on. As Jack sleeps longer and Jake gets potty trained. Life is pretty unpredictable right now...which I'm not a huge fan of...I love having a routine but the whistle first year of life and really parenting in general is about adaptation to constant change. I keep sayings can't wait until...but the right now is pretty good. We watch too much TV and I feel like all I do is nurse a baby and change diapers, not a whole lot gets done around here but that ok for now. Soon things will change, soon Jack will go down f or regular naps and I can wash dishes and do laundry. But for now I have enjoyed staring into those sweet smoky blue infant eyes and cuddling with my cute toddlers and learning too many cartoon songs (boy do those get stuck in your head!). Life right now is all about bonding with our new baby. Soon life will get more complicated with a wiggling moving baby. So for now I am learning to enjoy keeping things simple. I have to admit I couldn't imagine life without my mom around too. She makes meal times happen...with less screaming too!

We can do it boys...this thing called life! We will figure it out as we go!

Love, Mommy/ have patience as I figure this whole multiple kids thing out. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Breastfeeding Journey

I was never expecting such a journey...
With Jake he had latching issues and I wasn't prepared for him to not want to eat right away...everything you read say to feed them right away...he wasn't interested. Then at home he still wasn't super interested and he would scream and I couldn't take it so...I pumped exclusively for six months for him and thats all I could take. 
With Jack I was praying that I could breastfeed. He latched on right away and ate really well. But that was just the beginning. I didn't worry about how I was supposed to things I just held him how I it worked. His latch was great. Then my milk came in. I hate that feeling of engorgement as my supply is adjusting. My milk was a little too much for him I think. He would choke and pull of and milk would shoot him in the face because my let down was crazy. Because he pulls off so much we make a huge mess every time he eats, I wrap us in burp cloths and it helps but it makes it hard to feed him in public at all (covered of course).  I leak constantly so I'm always wearing nursing pads...just a pain. I hate having to plan my whole wardrobe around ease of feeding. He has terrible gas and I feel like it's all my fault. I can't pin point if its anything I'm eating or not. Lately he has been pulling off and screaming. Today he pulled off and started fussing down stairs and my mom suggested to burp him. So I sat him up, out came this man sized belch and then huge amounts of spit up. At the next feeding I burped him right away if he fussed and each time he would burp and spit a little. I think this process has cut down on his gas issues and discomfort. Having the right frame of mind helped a lot too. I would start to panic with flashbacks of Jake when Jack would fuss and scream while eating. So, calming down and letting the feeding take a little longer helped a lot! 

So here's to our journey Jack...wherever it takes us. This has been such a great learning most things in parenting are. This is another one of those moments that seems huge right now but won't last for very long. I want to take in these special times and tuck them away in my heart. These moments won't matter as much to you as others but it was important to me to remember this journey...

Mommy/ fine with being a milk machine...for now!! haha!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

! Month Picture Summary

Jack is 1 Month Old!!

Today you are one moth old, Jack. I can't believe how fast this month has gone but that the same time I feel like we've never been with out you. 

You are quite an opinionated little one. Not overly fussy you just know what you like. You love sleeping on your tummy...which is a bummer, we have to put you to sleep on your back because of SIDS. But you sleep on your tummy on the couch next to us...closely supervised. 
You don't love your binky
You absolutely love your love looking at him, watching him talk and you love sleeping on his chest! Your Daddy loves that you love him. 
You are quite the little eater...we are breastfeeding and you eat about every two hours. At night you go three to five hours in between feedings. 
You are also quite the evacuate your bowels with such force! You have pooped on me three times so far. (I forgot about this from your of those dramatic things I must have blocked out.)
You love to be held and sleep best that way but you do great at night in your bassinet. 
You love to sit up/ be propped up so you can be with everyone and see whats going on. 
You love your big study him as he runs and jumps.
You have tears!! You are the only infant I have ever know that was born with tears. You don't cry tears all the time just when you are terribly upset. 
You love to 'talk' to coo and move your just want so badly to be involved.
You smile while you sleep and occasionally at me or Daddy.
You chuckle in your is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!
You are starting to look more and more like your Daddy everyday but you still look so much like your brother!
Our dog Ted is so intrigued with you...he's not sure what to think of you and the noises you make, he doesn't like it when you cry.
You are learning to sleep through anything, I hope this continues it will make life so much easier...but really who can blame you if it does't, everyone sleeps best in their bed when it's quiet!
You have out grown all of your newborn clothes and are currently wearing 3 month clothes. 
You love to sleep outside in the sprawl out and sleep so deep! 
You have your Daddy's little crooked half smile...I think you do it just to mock me sometimes! You are your fathers son!
You are very strong and love to hold your head up. We do regular tummy time but your favorite is to lay on Daddy or my chest and do push ups. You lift your head so high and loose control and smash into our faces! 

It's amazing to me all the personality you have at 1 month. It's so fun to watch you grow...the fun is just beginning!

Here are your stats:
14 lbs. 8oz. (you gained 4 1/2 lbs. from last month...I told you, you like to eat!)
23 inches long

Each month we are going to take a picture in this chair...I'm so excited to see how you grow!

Here is the rest of your one month photo shoot! 

Hooray...I'm one month old!!

mom what are you doing?

sweet little feet

brother love

i love this little face

my little monkey

dino boy!

i love this hat on you. 

You are a treasured part of our family already Jack. I think our family is complete...but I'm not making the final call on that for a few more months. 

You are a precious little boy and I am so excited for our life together. We love you so much sweet Jackson!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jack's First Bath

Hey Jack, 

You didn't have your first bath until you were about 3 weeks old. It took a while for your belly button to heal all the way. The stump fell off pretty quick but because the umbilical cord was so thick (it was really thick!!) it took a while to completely heal. 

So here is your first bath...

first dip...

covered to stay warm...but not sure what you think.

You wanted to suck on the wash cloth...yummy water!

Still not quite sure if your are a fan

Jake hamming it up...he wanted to watch

Jake kept getting upset that you were in his bathtub! 

Now you started to not like being messed with to get clean

Your brother making sure I was doing it right and telling you, "it's ok Baby Jack!"

Jake helping me rise you off...can you see that stream of water that just missed your head?!?!

Hmm...bath's aren't so bad.

Just kidding...I'm done! 

I was surprised that you didn't scream the whole time, you actually enjoyed parts of it. Eventually you and your brother will take a bath together but I thought I would spare you from getting splashed like crazy.

Mommy/ bath time is a favorite time in our house!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Life With an Infant

Hey Jack, 

I have forgotten what it was like to have an infant. I think your mind blocks out the hard parts and all you remember about infancy is the cuddling and sweet smell of baby. I had forgotten about not just being shot with pee but the force (maybe its just my babies) that poop comes out too. You have pooped on me a few times. I had forgotten about the gas...again it might just be my babies. I had forgotten about the's not that I'm really loosing a lot of sleep but waking up three times a night and feeding keeps one from getting good sleep and this time around I can't sleep when you sleep...I have Jake to take care of during the day. 

Now this sounds a lot like kind of is. But I know how truly blessed we are to have you and this time in life doesn't last forever. I catch myself wishing away this time...being tired or being a milk machine and then I look down at you and get teary. I look at you and know you won't be this small forever, someday you will be 2 and talking back to me, you will be 10 and full of adventure, you will be 18 and moving out and I will wish to hold you one last time. I will long for the days where you fell asleep in my arms, for the moments you smiled your sweet infant smile for that sweet infant smell on your skin. It won't last forever and I want to soak up each precious moment. That being said I can't force myself to enjoy every moment...but with the knowledge that this time doesn't last forever it makes everything a little more enjoyable. 

I have always thought that pregnancy, birth and infancy were part of a marathon. It takes endurance and stamina to make it through. Each stage comes with it's own challenges and joys. Each stage is a gift, a gift in patience, in grace. Each stage is to be enjoyed in it's own way. So because of that I will sit with you, let   you fall asleep on my chest I will hold you close and know that this will not last forever. I am so grateful for these moments but also so excited for all that the future holds for you and our family. 

Jack you are a sweet baby and I can tell that your eyes are so curious about the world. Your eyes smile at me even now and I am excited to watch you grow and see you turn out to be. 


Mommy/ It's all about the journey...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


You two are already so cute together. Jake, you will talk to Jack and he will just look at you and listen in wonder. He already admires his big brother and Jake you are so good to him. Kissing his head, wanting him to play cars with you, you are always saying things like, "I like baby jack" or "I love my baby". 

I am really excited to watch your relationship grow and to foster a friendship between you. Here are some pictures of some very cute brother moments...

Showing Jack how to drive a car

Holding hands

Helping Jack drive a car

Big Brother, Little Brother

Jake you were insisting on holding his hand...who am I to deny cute!!

You did not like holding all!!


Jake, you were done taking pictures and wanted to read...

So you read to your little brother

I love that it looks like Jack is reading with you

These moment warm my heart so much. As much as you have struggled Jake with having this new little one invade your life you love him and have accepted him into your home. You are the keeper of the always know where it is and make sure we bring it with us wherever we go. These are the moment I have dreamed about. I had no idea that you would take to each other so quickly. It is my biggest prayer that you two grow up to love and like each other! That you will enjoy each others company and respect each other. Boys, I love you both with all my heart and I look forward to many more sweet brother moments. 

Mommy/ so in love with both my boys!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Family of Four!

Here we are family... the first time the four of us sat down to take family photos! 

I think we are pretty cute and these photos are very much who we are the moment. 

Jake not paying usual

Jake ran usual!

A good one...everyone looking toward the camera!

Another good this point Jake, you had to hold the camera remote!

And we ended with jumping on the bed!!

Mommy and Jack

I love my family of 4!!

So happy to have two boys!

Jake you were telling me a story about your snake...too cute!!

This is our family!! I just love pictures of the four of us!!