Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Conversation

Hey Jack,
Tonight is Christmas Eve...this will be our last Christmas without you. Next year you will be 10 months old! Crazy!
We are so excited for your arrival!
Tonight, your Daddy and I were laying in bed and you started your nightly dance party. Your Daddy leaned down and started talking to you. Your crazy kicking calmed down and turned to soft thumping. You thumped him in the nose and mouth as he talked to you.
This is what he told you...
"Hi Jackson, it's Daddy. I am so excited to meet you. I love you so much already. I never knew I could love someone as much as I love your brother, and I love your Mommy more than life, I'm sure I'm already in love with you too."
He said more things too, but I was teary at this point and so full of love that I was just absorbing the moment! This was such a special moment. I love when your Daddy gets to feel kick or when he talks, sings or plays music to you.
It's true Jack, we are in love with you already. We are so excited to get to know you!
Keep growing my boy. Soon you will be here with us...We can't wait!

Love, Mommy/you have the best Daddy!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making Candy with Grandma

Hey Jake, 
Every Christmas your Grandma makes delicious candy. This year I thought it would be fun for you to help her. We decided that Oreo truffles would be fairly easy for you to help with. You love helping in the kitchen and were all about getting Grandma. 

You helped open the bag of Oreos, and then you ate some. You helped put the Oreo's in the food processor and pushed the button to chop them (you really liked that after you go over how loud it was). Then Grandma mixed up the Oreo's and cream cheese, you helped a lithe. You kept saying, "I mix it up!". Then came the fun part, rolling the mixture into little balls...

Grandma gave you your own parchment paper mat and a ball of Oreo cream and let you go at it. 

 You pulled the ball apart...smashed it...rolled it into a snake shape, and pulled it apart again.

 You enjoyed squishing it...

 Then you ate it!

 You love Oreo's

 You were pretty pleased with your self. 

 You really enjoyed helping...I think this will become a yearly tradition! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Christmas Photos

Before Christmas, we took some Christmas photos...we set the camera up on a tripod and you insisted on taking the pictures in your room, so we did. Keeping you happy, Jake, is top priority when taking photos. No one wants to see an unhappy it's just not fun to be smiling next to a screaming offense. So, we kept you dressed in comfy clothes and changed Teddy's shirt to match our colors...I'm not a fan of super matching but this is what worked that day to keep everyone smiling. You even wanted your hair done! I think you look a whole year older when I do your hair. Jack, you were here too...about 30 weeks old, soon you will get to be in all our crazy pictures! So here they are...

Christmas Family Photos 2011!!!

Getting the camera settings right....

 Your crazy Mama!

 Your Daddy, who for the first time in his life is not making a silly face!!

Tied up in rope lights!

 I'm not sure what face you are making Jake, but you were having fun at this point!!

 I love this one...we used this picture on our New Years card and I posted in on Facebook...too cute to hide!!

 Just talking...

 Another cute one...The Christmas tree on the side is the kid tree, it's fiberoptic and changes colors, it's super awesome and we leave it on through the night to enjoy!

 Here you are Jake...loving your hardly ever put him down!

 I love this picture of you...see what I mean about your hair being look like a three year old! You look very handsome! 

 Still happy as we ended taking pictures...success!! 

Well, this is our last Christmas as a family of three!! Next year will be crazy. You boys will be 3 years old  and 10 months old! Time will fly!! 

Mama/ I love pictures of our whole family...thank goodness for the tripod!

Monday, December 19, 2011


This Christmas season we have started celebrating Advent with you. This is something I did as a kid and loved, so we thought we would start it with you. I am learning that I need to pick and choose what traditions we do because, one, there is only so much time in the month of December and two, I really want what we do to be important and emphasize the right things about Christmas...that's three things but, oh well. 

So, since Jake, you are only 2 and Jackson, you are still in the womb we kept it really simple this year. Each Sunday we would light a candle, talk about Jesus's birth, read a Christmas story about the birth of Christ, play with your Little People Nativity and then open a small gift. The gifts we gave you were things you like...books, cars, blocks, just small and to help teach that Jesus was a gift. Advent is really great to help spread out's not just about one day or all the gifts (although thats fun). It's about Jesus and what his birth means for us. 

This is our Advent Calendar...not traditional by any looks like a Christian menorah...and it's in a straight line...when traditionally advent candle are in a circle...also our candles are all white...anyways. Your Daddy made this candle holder and I love might stay out all year. But I think that it represents all the right things for us.

I'm not going to tell you boys about Santa. Just so you know. If you come home asking about him I'll explain to you who he is...really. But, I'm not going to teach you about a real true savior and in the same breath tell you about some made up guy who brings you gifts if you are good. I don't want fiction and non-fiction lines to be blurred, I don't lie to you (even in the name of good fun) and I think you should be good all the time, because that's what Jesus asks of us...not to get gifts. In no way will this cut down on any amount of Christmas merriment...actually I think it free's us up to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! 

I'm not a crazy Christmas nazi...I just want the right things to be emphasized at Christmas. Yes, I know Christmas started off of pagan holidays and most of the common traditions have their roots in pagan history. I'm still wrestling with some aspects of things... like caroling and gingerbread men...remind me to tell you how they came about...funny!! Anyways, Christmas can be made into whatever you want it to be. For some it's about the gifts and Santa and all that jazz. But, for us, in this house, we choose to remember the ultimate gift we have been given. 

The gifts we exchange are in representation of the gift of Jesus' birth and the gift of eternal life that he give us in his life and death. So, that's why we do it's really fun to give gifts. I love plotting out what someone would want and then secretly getting it/making it. Pure delight! 

Well, I think that sums up how Christmas is going down in our house.

I'm excited for Christmas' to come too...I'm going to plan out lessons for each advent night with a story, maybe a craft or something, we'll see how crazy your mama gets. I just love teaching you about our precious gift, Jesus. He is the reason we can celebrate! 

Merry Christmas my boys...

Mommy/ I'm learning some advent I never knew...did you know that the 12 days of Christmas come after Christmas and are called epiphany? Pretty crazy right...I grew up in church and never knew that. This whole advent season is full of neat things! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Moment to Cherish

This evening we got some great news about a job for Daddy. We were playing cars when Daddy walked in and told us the great news...I jumped up and hugged him and you ran up behind me and hugged our legs together. Oh, my heart. You have no idea of the importance of that moment...we are no longer jobless...but you ran  and were joyous right along with us. Then your daddy picked you up and you gave him a big squeeze are learning to give hugs, you throw your arms around us and squeeze!! It's a wonderful feeling.  That moment makes my heart so very warm, you joining in on our excitement! 
Praise the Lord, we are always in His hands! 

Jack, you kicked when your Daddy walked in the you could feel my anticipation, or you knew what was coming. 

Just a wonderful moment that I will tuck away in my heart forever!

Mommy/ my heart is so full of special moments!

30 Weeks!

Hey Jack, have been cooking for 30 weeks now. I can't believe we only have about 10 more weeks to meet you! I still have a few crafts to make before you can come...ok? I've been feeling pretty well. Tired...this 3rd trimester with a toddler running around at Christmas season has been getting the best of me. I try to take a nap daily if I can. My hips feel like they might pop off and you are growing so much it's making it hard to breathe. I'm excited for you to drop a little...soon. If I remember right around 35 weeks if when Jake dropped a little so I could finally breathe. I'm assuming you will be a decent sized baby...your brother was 9lbs. 13oz. so we will see how big you turn out to be. 

You are still a crazy kicker...oh buddy...take it easy. 

I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow and I get to hear your heart beat again...I love that! 

I hope that you are doing well baby. Growing and developing. We are so excited to meet you! 

I have been thinking a lot about the things I want to make for you...Felt name letters, crib blanket, name blocks, felt animal blocks, baby blanket and hat set, octopus plushie and I'm sure there will be more! I love making you things. I love crafting in general but it is so deeply joyful to make things for you. Things that you will use and love. 

The anticipation of meeting you is overwhelming at times. I'm so excited. Also, will change when you come. I won't have all day to sleep when you sleep. I couldn't breast feed Jake so I'm really hopeful that I can with you and now I have to remember all the baby things that I have put out of my mind. I will all be ok, tiring, but ok. Great even!

Keep cooking little one...but we are so edited to meet you!

Mommy/ starting to be ready to not be pregnant anymore!

P.S. I have this little story for you...I was walking into the Pediatricians office with your Daddy and big brother. Your brother jumped out of the car on to the curb (while holding my hand of course). Then your Daddy and I were holding Jakes hand and he was jumping and we were having a fun time just walking. A lady, older lady, walked past, smiled, I smiled back, then she pointed to my belly and said "I sure hope the next ones a girl, right?!?!". We kept walking and I smiled awkwardly at her. I really wanted to turn around and give her a piece of my mind. How dare she...I mean really? What business is it of hers? Not only that but I am so glad that you are a boy. Even if we have other kids, I will take what ever the Lord gives up and that will be perfect. But the thought of buying blocks and trains and blue makes me so happy. The two of you brothers will be great friends, and get to share a room. I am so excited for that relationship. I just get grumpy that random people think they can say whatever they want to me and grab my belly whenever they want. Sorry for my high horse Jack. You will get to hear many more rants over your lifetime. I'm advance!! See this family isn't big enough for more than one girl!! haha!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jakes 2 Year Pictures

Jake, could you be any cuter? I mean really? 
You came from Daddy and are you so freaking cute!?!?! You just bless my heart so much!! I feel so privileged to get to love you for the rest of my life! you are...two years old!

The many faces of Jake!

These pictures are good for my matter what mood you are in...I know this is who you are. You are so much fun! We love our life with you Jake!! Happy two years of life...we are excited for each new step along the way!! 

Love you to pieces!!

Mommy/ Ahhh I love you like crazy!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Tonight we had Daddy's family over for dinner. Mommy and Daddy made dinner...we love cooking together...and we hung out together. You were having kind of a rough night, not wanting to eat dinner and just being fussy about things. I was sitting on the floor playing with you and I mentioned that my back was killing me. Probably from cleaning that afternoon, making dinner and your baby brother. After I mentioned that my back was killing me you walked right over to me and started rubbing my back!! You said "feel better Mama" and rubbed your little hands up and down my back, just like I have done to your back before. Oh, my goodness you are so sweet! 

Thank you for helping me feel better! You are the best! 

Mommy/ that totally made me cry

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hey Jack, 
We went to target today...your Daddy, Brother and I (so you were there too!). We pulled into a parking spot after battling some holiday traffic craziness and your brother shouted "Yea! Target!!". We love Target, even if we just go to look we still have a great time. So, we were there today. Shopping around and I had a pretty awesome coupon to register there and get a $20 gift card! I have all ready registered at Babies R Us. I'm really not sure which place is best so we registered at both places...and being the second baby there is a lot less that we need...still need some things but less than with Jake. So, I created a registry for you and went scanning everything I thought you would like and everything we need. It's such a different experience registering for you...I loved it. I know how our life works and what will work for us so I registered for certain products that will work for us and help you grow. But it's still a mystery what diapers will work for you or what binkey you will like. I like that who you are is still a discovery process for us. It make this parenting thing always an adventure...I can never say...I've got this down...nothing ever changes. Things are always changing, you boys grow and develop. It's never dull and always helping me grow just as much as you (or, will help you grow, seeing as you aren't here yet). We are already getting ready for you...your crib is all ready and your clothes are washed, folded, sorted and in cute little bins. All we have left is some fun showers celebrating your impending arrival...only about 10 more weeks!! Time has flown I can't believe how soon you will be here!! I have 10 weeks to help myself feel prepared...see I said feel because in all honesty we are prepared now...I just like to feel prepared too!! 
So, we are preparing for you. You are so excited to meet crazy kicker! Take your time cooking but feel free to make your arrival anytime after your Daddy's birthday in the new year! 

Love, Mommy/your brother is excited to play with you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jakes Second Birthday Party!

You are such a loved boy. You had two parties this year...not sure what I was thinking but I'm glad that you got to celebrate you with everyone we love! 

Your first party was at Nana and Papa's house and your second party was at our house. You apparently love parties! At your first party some of your high school girl friends showed up and you couldn't contain yourself and, freaked out running around screaming.  It was quite a sight. 

Here is the gift and signature board table. 

Your party hat

The dessert/snack/beverage table
We had funfetti cookies, apples with carmel dip, carrots and celery with ranch, M&M's, lemonade, chocolate milk and dirt cups for dessert. 

We made sure you looked at each person and said, Thank You, after you opened their gift. You were so just wanted to stop opening gifts half way through to play with the toys you had already opened...

Happy Birthday to you...

you blew out your candles on the first try!!


Look how cute you are!!

can you dig it?

This is at your second party...we had lunch (mac n' cheese, chicken nuggets and fries...your favorite foods)
These candles were a little tricker for you to blow out but you did it!! 

I feel so blessed by the people that came to celebrate your birthday! You not only got some very cool gifts but were showered with love and attention! 

Thank you to everyone that blessed our family so much!! 

Mommy/ loves to party...just not clean up!!