Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The first time

Hey Baby,
This past Thursday I had my first doctors appointment. I peed in a cup, got lots of gifts and magazines and best of all I got to meet you!! I was so excited when my sweet mid-wife, Maria, slathered that jelly on my tummy and I got to see your little heart beating wildly...at this stage you don't resemble that cute thing you will be later but miraculously you have all you need. You are already forming your brain and brain stem...lungs, eyes, heart, fingernails and cute little nose. You already know if you are a boy or girl, you just get to hold out on us for a few more months...let your mama dream and everyone come up with predictions!! This Dr. visit made everything so real to me. Yes, I had been feeling the symptoms of you but it is always such a joy to meet you. We will get to know each other quite well over the next nine months. These are some of my favorite times...feeling you kick and spin. I am already starting to show...I have the tiniest baby bump. I have switched out of regular pants and into nice stretchy pregnant pants (as to not squish you!). I'm not sure why people are against pregnant clothes. Mine are cute and oh, so, super comfy!! So, I have heard that you show earlier the second time but woah...here you are!! Just promise me one thing, you will come out face down...your big brother had trouble with that...so if you could...face down please!! Either way we will all be crazy about you and love you like crazy. You have a great big brother who is currently confused as to how there can be a baby in mommy's tummy. He will be so excited to feel you kick and maybe we can bring him with us to an appointment to see you!! He is going to take a big brother class at the hospital where you will be born so he can be all prepared for you! We are very excited about you and the addition you will bring to our family...I think we might be complete! 

Love, Mama/you're such a cute gummy bear!! (that's what 8 week olds fetus look like)

OH....PS...I am about 9 weeks along and you are due the 25th of February 2012!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July and a Video!!

We had a great 4th of July. We all hung out at Nana and Papa's house. All of your Uncles and Grandparents were there. Even your Great Grandma and Grandpa! And of course Mama and Dada. You were so anxious to go swimming when we got there. We ate a quick lunch and hopped in the pool! You weren't a big fan of sitting in your floaty thing but I think as you get more comfortable with the water you will like it more. You hung out with me for a little while, while you got used to the water. This was the first time you have been in a big pool since you were 6 months old. So, it took you some time to check things out and feel comfortable. Once you did though you had a great time. 

Playing with Uncle Steve!

You loved being on your tummy. I can't wait to teach you how to swim!!

Your floaty thing...it's ok...

Sitting on the steps with Mom

Chillin' with Uncle Matt

This is your jet, you love this thing...I'm sure this will get a lot of use as you get older!!

Some more floating

While you napped I napped with Ted!!

Smiling on your jet!

Blowing Bubbles!!! (Mama sings this funny song...I had a tiny turtle, his name was tiny tim, I put him in my bath tub to see if he could swim (splish, splash), he drank up all the water (glub, glub), he ate up all the soap (chom,chomp) and now my tiny turtle, has bubbles in his throat...then you blow bubbles in the water. Oh the things you learn when teaching kids how to swim!!)

This was after your nap and you begged to get in the pool again...shimming...shimming as you call it!

You like it, you really like it!!

A shot from under water...you were so happy being on your tummy in the pool. I am so excited for you to be in the pool more often. Your daddy and I grew up being part fish. We both love the water and know how to swim well. We are excited to teach you how to swim so you too can love the water with us!! 

This is a video of you "jumping" in the pool to your Daddy!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Announcement Time!!

Hey Baby, 
Your daddy got the great opportunity of speaking at our churches first Sunday service (our contemporary night service). Because he was speaking all of our family was there to hear him. It was July 3rd and we were planning on telling everyone on the 4th. But, we thought people might be expecting something and we just couldn't hold the news about you any longer. After Daddy spoke we went out to eat at BJ's. Which just happens to be the restaurant we announced our first pregnancy in. Not the same place just the same restaurant. Apparently BJ's is our announcement place. So, we were seated and I got up with Jake to change his diaper in the bathroom. While in there, he changed into his big brother shirt we had bought him and few days earlier. We came out of the bathroom and I said "Jake has an announcement!!". Everyone looked up at Jake and then slowly realized what was going on...Everyone was so excited!!! Hugs, clapping and some tears took place. Some had their suspicions that I was pregnant....but now it's official...people know about you are we can begin to share our joy with the world!! People normally don't announce anything this early. With our family we will always tell them first and then we tell the world a few weeks later. This is still a scary time...every mother worries about loosing a baby. Every twinge and cramp make me nervous. I hope that you have taken up a mostly permanent residence in there. You have been causing me some trouble...your brother was not like this early on. You have been making pretzels my favorite food and my joints feel like I'm 90 years old...thats not fair, I'm sure some 90 year old people have great joints. The thing is every time I have to get up or down to the floor to play with your toddler big brother my knees feel as if they might explode. And the nausea...is not so fun. But I'm sure people have had worse. Really I have nothing to complain about. I am carrying you and with that there are some symptoms to ignore! I love being pregnant and we are so excited that the Lord has blessed us with the joy of another child. I am so excited to meet you all ready. I can't wait to feel you and see you in ultra sounds. This whole process is a miracle and I am blessed to be witness to it!! You are all ready a joy!! Maybe we should work that into your name somehow...we are starting to roll some names around. So, if you decide to let us see if you are a boy or girl...we will be prepared! love you already baby!

Love, Mama/so glad our family knows about you, I might have gone crazy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best News

Well Jake, a lot is going to be changing around here....Mama took 5 pregnancy tests and they all came back positive!! It was Thursday June, 16 and I had a feeling something was different. I had been super ditzy the past week and my joints were starting to feel old! So I tested, your daddy was at work and getting ready to leave for Mexico for a week, needless to say, I was a wreck all day keeping the new to myself. 

When Daddy got home that night I stuck three pregnancy tests in a box...grossest gift ever, I know...wrote him a simple card about what a great daddy he has been to you so....SURPRISE!!! At first Dad thought the tests were negative. In a barley lit room and the tests were super light...but, no, I told him to look again. He did and he looked at me, said "really?", like I was playing some not funny joke..."yes, really!". We hugged and talked about what a great big brother you were going to be and how to keep our news a secret long enough to tell everyone at one time. 

this is the box daddy received...

with three tests inside!

So Jake you are going to be a big brother, and a great one at that. It still hasn't set in yet, this is a game changer all over again. First having you changed our world and now this will change our little family all over again! It's so exciting, slightly nerve wracking and I am so thankful!! 

So...now we have to change the name of this cute little blog...it's no longer just you Jake. Sharing your world with another child might be hard at first but, it's such a joy. Siblings are like live in friends...at least they should be. The occasional fight but lots of love! Being a big brother is going to teach you so much about sharing and giving and loving. I am so excited to be on this journey with you and to teach you how to be a great older sibling...daddy and I both have lots of experience!! 

Love, Mama/loving both her babies!