Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day Outside

We spent sometime outside today, it was a beautiful day and you love being outside!

You started out with a wagon ride

You love this wagon...we try to hide it from you so we don't get sucked into pulling you around for hours!!

You are such a boy, you love playing in the dirt and picking up rocks

I am so excited to the time we will spend outdid now that the weather is warm!

Then you went for a swing!

These are your crocks, I know they aren't the cutesy thing in the world but you refuse to wear any other kind of shoes.

You really like swinging

You were screaming and waving your hands around, it's was too funny!

You are so cute!

You bring every one you meet so much joy. You are always smiling and joyful. I love that about you.

I think you were having a good time

What do you think?

You crack me up. The things you do and the faces you make just make me laugh!!

It's my birthday today and there is no other way I would have rather spent my day. You are the best gift ever. I love being your Mommy!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Camping Trip 2011

Every year we go camping with your Daddy's family over in Santa Cruz. We stay at the KOA, it's seriously awesome. There is a playground, mini golf course and a jumping pillow. Last year we went you were only 4 months old, so things were very different this year. 

We introduced you to the jumping pillow. You loved to crawl all over it. 

We kept showing you how to jump and you thought it was really funny.

You got good at walking on it...

You love your uncle's

And they love you to pieces. Not that babies are lame, but we have all been waiting to do fun things with you. Eventually they are excited to wrestle with you, play catch and ride bikes!!

oh my boy, you bring so much joy to my heart. I loved playing with you.

Smiling for daddy

This is you Nana and Papa, they love each other so much, they also love you so much!!! 

Chillin with Mommy. I think we were watching Daddy and uncle Alex play catch and Uncle Matt jump his bike!!

Your first ribs. Please excuse the ribs in my teeth!! Uncle Matt helped a family get their ladder ball out of a tree, to thank him they brought us an amazing plate of ribs!!

You really enjoyed them!!

We had a campfire every night and you learned the word "hot!" really quickly. You did a good job of sitting with us or playing away from the fire!

At first you hated the sand. You wouldn't put your feet in it at all!! So slowly over the weekend we would take you over to the sand and play with you in an attempt for you to not hate it. We practiced in the sand box so we could take you to the beach and you wouldn't hate it!!

This is your Daddy and Mommy. I'm sorry....haha!! We are silly but we love each other and we love you!! Thats what matters!!

Playing on the did ok. At first you weren't too sure but we kept playing and you did ok. 

Getting used to the sand.

Showing Mommy the sand.

I'm so glad you don't hate the beach. Daddy and I wouldn't have known what to do...we love the beach!!

My heart melts with that sweet smile!!

Your first sand castle!!

I love this hat and I'm so proud that you leave it didn't get sun burnt the entire trip!! 

You can barley see it in this picture but you push your cars with one finger and it cracks me one taught you this, it's just how you push your cars!

You would play with your cars and then push them into the hole uncle Alex was digging...

Then you would say "Uh-Oh"

And uncle Alex would get it out for you...such a silly boy!

At first you weren't too sure about the ocean, it's huge and noisy. 

But you got used to it and soon you were running around. You would run behind me and then race around me over to Daddy and then loop back around. You knew where you felt safe!!

Sitting in Uncle Alex's hole with your silly hat over your eyes..poor boy!!

Finally you got used to the sand, you actually go upset when we had to leave!! 

We had a great time on our camping trip. I'm excited for next year and all of the years after that!! 

Jake's First Easter Basket

After a long morning at church and easter egg hunting you came home and took a very long nap. Mommy and Daddy rested too...we were pretty tired! When you got up we had a surprise waiting for you!!

We might have gone a little over board with your first easter basket but, I was so excited to buy things to go in it!! 

Your robot bucket is full of cars, fruit snacks and fishy crackers. We got you two trucks for the beach and out side play this summer and some fun socks!! 

Fresh from your nap...with sleepy eyes

This was your first look at the bucket...your smiling and that made mommy and daddy so happy!!

we dumped the cars out and you were pretty excited there were so many!!


I forgot to mention...there were some bubbles in your basket too! Mommy thought she should show you. You have never seen bubbles like this before!

I think they scared you at first, they were coming straight at your face...good one mom!

Our faces totally crack me up....

It turns out, you like bubbles. I have to keep them hidden around the house other wise I would be blowing bubble 24/7 and everything would be soaked with soap!!


You really like cars and trucks. You are all boy...

My happy boy

one big pile of cars!!

Looking up to your daddy!!

This is the smile you give to your daddy. It's slightly different than the smile you give me and I love that!! 

Happy Easter my boy. I am so excited to make you an easter basket each year. Soon your basket will be full of iTunes gift cards and what ever else you give a big kid, haha!!

I love you my boy. You are such a joy to your daddy and I. We love to buy you things, a little too much probably. Happy Easter!