Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey Baby,

It has felt like I have been pregnant for so long and not known if you were a boy or girl! Finally yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing Kevin our ultrasound tech...so funny...anyways...I was so excited. I had a hard time sleeping that's how excited I was. People have been asking me what I wanted but I feel like wanting you to be a boy or girl would be unfair to you. None of us had any control over what gender you were and in my mind both have there pros and in no way did I want to be disappointed!! How rude of your mommy to be sad about your gender. So I decided to not get my hopes set on anything. So yesterday was the big day and you weren't cooperating very well but Kevin was determined to get a picture of you. They showed us a couple of times but couldn't get a very convincing picture so, I turned on to my side and then you fell with your legs wide open. It was pretty obvious what you were. Daddy and I smiled at each other. We were so excited. Life will forever be an adventure because....

WooHoo...you are a boy!!! and more importantly, growing healthy. I am so excited that you are a boy, I'm not so excited that we don't have so many boy names for you yet...it will come, just you wait. You and your big brother Jake are going to have the best time. I can't wait for the two of you to be running around, pretending to be pirates or cowboys. You are your brother are going to share a room and have tons of adventures. Below is the picture proving you are a boy, I know you can't see it but trust me, you are a boy.

Being Pregnant with you has been a totally different experience this time around. Some of the same aches and pains but this time I'm much more exhausted, chasing after your brother is hard work. The funniest thing though, has got to be that my brain has disappeared. Whole conversations and events have slipped my mind. Look what you are doing to your mother! There hasn't been much to complain about, you are healthy and growing a human is hard work on your body.  

I can't wait to find a name for you and to start making things for you. My mind is already racing with ideas! You are one blessed boy and coming into a house that is full of love for you already. Your brother Jake is excited to meet you, he talks to you and drives his cars over my tummy to show you. You are so special to us, baby boy, and we can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to watch your personality come out and to hear you laugh. Life is going to be so great with you in it. Keep cooking but I seriously can't wait to meet you. Even if this is the last time I am ever pregnant it has been great, I couldn't ask for more. 

Love, Mama/ blessed with boys!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Flutters

Hey Baby, 

I think I felt you move the other day. I was sitting, editing photos and flutter, flutter. I felt you flip. Since then I have been feeling you flip about and even push on me. You are already like your brother...kicking me until you are comfortable. It makes me so happy to feel you. Not only does it give me huge peace of mind to know that you are there, moving and healthy. But, I just love to get to know you by your kicking and gymnastics. Soon I will be feeling much more of you but for now the flutters warm my heart. I can't wait till your daddy can feel you! He loves that, it's one way he gets to connect with you before you are born. Otherwise it's just you and me, baby! I love the closeness we have now and forever really but there is something so magical about my body taking care of yours! It's such a blessing to have you!! 

Mama/looking forward to more baby kicks

Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Boy Bed

A few weeks ago you feel/jumped out of your crib. After that we moved everything away from your crib and hopped that the experience was scary enough to keep you from doing it again. I was nervous you would do it again, you don't have much fear. You are tall and all you did was throw your leg over the side and flipped yourself. no matter how impressive it was, it was dangerous. 
I have been bugging Daddy to move a big kid bed into your room. I think Daddy was in denial that you needed a big bed and I don't think he wanted to mess with constantly putting you back in bed. But today was the day. My plan was to put it in your room and talk about it a lot for a week or so until you seemed interested. You had other plans. 
Daddy moved in the bed. We decided that a twin mattress on the floor would be best for you. I put a few pillows on it and a fuzzy blanket that has Jeep's, Lion's and Zebra's. You loved the blanket. 
At nap time I put you in your crib, same as usual and you asked for your 'big bed'. I told you when you were ready you could sleep in your big bed. Then you asked for the blankie that was on the bed. I told you, you could only have it if you slept in your big bed. You nodded in agreement and asked for the big bed again. 'Well, ok' I thought 'he's asking for it so he must be more ready than i thought'.
I put you in your big bed, re-explained the rules of staying in the bed until Mommy and Daddy get you out and I gave you two chances and then it would be crib time again. 
You did well at first. Quiet, then talking then walking around the bed. Luckily Daddy had installed a camera in the room today too. We laughed while watching you. Then you did it, you stepped out of bed. I went in, told you it was not play time and discovered a poopy diaper. Changed and clean you went back in your bed. Then you stepped out of bed again. This time you went back into your crib. You sobbed. You were very sad that you weren't in your big bed. We waited until you calmed down and then gave you one more chance in the big bed. You cried for a few seconds and then fell asleep. You slept for 2.5 hours! Victory!! Well, a great beginning at least.

here you are sleeping you your big bed!!

 I'm sure you will test more and more along the way but I'm happy that you are understanding the concept of staying in bed. You didn't even roll off the bed! 
Tonight you wanted your big bed again so we are trying it. You cried for a bit but now you are awake but staying in your bed. It might take you awhile before you get used to falling asleep somewhere new. You are a huge creature of habit. This change is a big one!
Next up is potty training. I'm struggling to know when...I don't want to rush you out of diapers because of the next baby. I would really like to not change two sets of diapers and to buy two sizes. But you will know when you are ready. Hopefully I will be able to tell too! 

Mama/proud of her big boy!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Your Parents

It's only a month late, we celebrated 4 years of marriage on August 3rd...but, I figure it's about time you two heard the story of your Mommy and Daddy, and their love.

We met for the first time as Mommy was going shoe shopping with her RA. We walked past your Daddy and invited him to come with us. He declined and we went on our way. I found out later that he thought my butt was cute and commented about it to his mother (who he was on the phone with), oh man! After the shoe shopping was done we met up with a bunch of people at Starbucks and your Daddy was in the group. We hung out and talked casually across the group of people as I sipped my Soy Chai. I remember the shoes I was wearing while we were walking and the shoes I bought shopping that day, I still have them and might never get rid of them. Well, we didn't have any classes together, that was probably a good thing, we are completely different students. I sit up front, dressed like a normal person, paying attention. Your Daddy sits in the back, sweatshirt and basketball shorts, paying attention/playing computer games. Your Daddy friended me on Facebook, well, who friended who is still up in the air. We became friends and I started asking him questions, I promise my intentions were pure. I was desperate for friendship and that school and he seemed friendly. I asked him about his favorites, his family all kinds of stuff. Then in one message he said we should go out for dinner sometime. Oh, crud. Had I given this guy the wrong impression? No, I was starting to like who he was and so I agreed dinner was fine. I wasn't quite sure it was a date anyways. Well, the night before the date I had to work at the on school coffee shop. He and our mutual friend came and sat with me while I worked. We chatted and took funny photo booth pictures. After my shift he walked me back to my dorm. Before we said good night he called me over and stepped close to me to talk about out date. In that moment I felt my knees grow weak and I knew I liked him. He called it a date and we set 7pm as our leaving time and said goodnight. I don't think I stopped smiling the rest of the night. The next day the girls in the dorm were all excited and helped me get ready. As we left the dorms the guys were playing 'can you feel the love tonight'. Oh my goodness...dorm life! We went to dinner at P.F.Chang's (my favorite) We talked from the moment I got in his truck all through dinner until we got kicked out of the resturaunt. We left but, weren't ready for the night to be over so, we took a drive up to Auburn. We drove back to campus, sat in his truck and talked a little bit more and finally went home around 2am. That night we talked about our families, ourselves, and our pasts. We were honest right from the beginning where we were coming from and I think it helped us have a great relationship. There wasn't any trying to impress the other person. We really liked each other, as we were. The rest is history. 
Our first date was on the 10th of October 2006, I met his parents shortly after that  and we became official in the beginning of November. Our families met and that Thanksgiving his family came over to my parents house for dinner. Time passed, dating bliss and then Daddy asked me to marry him, on our favorite beach on April 6th, 2007 (there is way more to that story, that's a whole other post). We set a date and got married on August 3, 2007. 
Relationships have ups and downs but what makes marriage so special is the work that goes into the relationship. There is no running away, things are felt with head on. It gets messy, as life is, but its the working things out that draws you closer. 
We pray for your future spouse's already. That one day you will find a person with similar values and goals. That loves the Lord and keeps Him first in their lives. A person of quality because you will be tied to this person for life. Someone who you will want to do life with. 

Jake and Baby, know that Mommy and Daddy love you. Us loving each other is just as important as our love for you. With out our love there is no family. We have committed to each other and therefore to you that we will always love each other. We will take date's and vacations for just us, because this commitment is so very important. 

On this last trip we took you stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and had a great time. We went away for only a few days and it refresh us so we could come home and be the Mommy and Daddy that you deserve. 

Here are some pictures of your funny parents:

We love you kiddos!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coolest Kid on the Block

Jake, you have gotten to do some pretty awesome things for a not quite two year old and this counts as one of those things. 
This weekend we visited Daddy's family in Modesto for a quick day. They own a wood mill, it's a super awesome place that you will get to explore someday. But, we went over there because they have a semi truck to make deliveries. You love all things transportation, and especially semi-trucks. When we pass them on the freeway you yell, "Semi...red (or whatever color it is) semi!" So we went over to ride in one. You absolutely loved it!! As soon as you saw the truck, you started running toward it, yelling "semi!! red, red semi...run, run!!" it was very cute to watch you study it as Matt started the engine and pull it out. You didn't hesitate at getting in. When you face new experiences you are usually quite, and taking everything in. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are enjoying yourself, you are so quite. But, it's easy to tell that you are soaking up every little detail, observing all there is to see. Because come tomorrow you will talk non-stop about that semi! 

Uncle Matt loved driving you around. 

You got to pull the horn...and you wouldn't let go.

Driving for the first time at 21 months...Mama is so proud!! 

Riding with Daddy, Matt and Alex

You rode around and around the property, loving every second.

Happy boy in the red semi!

I love this picture. You love your uncle!

Honking that horn.

We are so blessed to have such cool family and such great opportunities to do these things. Your uncle Alex took these pictures to document your first semi experience, thanks Alex!! I am so blessed by the rich life you have already had. Surrounded by loving family and some great experiences thrown in. You are one blessed boy. Your little sibling has no idea what they are in for...a life full of love!!

Mama/I promise, I rode with you in the semi, even with no picture to prove it. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Funny little happenings...

You say the funniest things. Not only do you repeat almost everything we say but you come up with the funniest sentences. Here are a few cute things you say...

We were in the pool, you were 'painting' with water on the cement. You grabbed my chin and turned it toward you and said "mama, look with eyes", to which I replied "what are you doing Jake?", "Painting, look with eyes." I love when you say 'look with eyes', we are working on not touching everything we see, somethings are not safe, other things are way out of reach and make me almost drop you, somethings you just need to not touch and so on. So I have told you, "Jake, look with you eyes, not your hands, please." or "no touch, look with your eyes." You have picked up on that concept very quickly, you still touch things sometimes and I love that you say it to me...so funny. I just can't get over it...'mama, look with eyes!". When we are out people get such a kick out of you saying such things. You are so very smart...too smart sometimes.

Next story, We were meeting with our young marrieds group trying to find a Giant's game to go to. Prices went up this year because the Giants won the world series last year! So in joking, I said, "Darn the Giant's for winning the worlds series last year." You were walking around not paying any attention to us, just playing with your cars. But as luck would have it you walked over to me and said "dang it!" All of us could not believe it. I quickly explained to you that we don't say that and you went on your way. None of us wanted to make too much of a big deal of it or you would have kept doing it, thinking it was funny. Oh, buddy, mama needs to watch what she says around you...or were going to get called into the nursery!!

In this story you didn't say anything funny just did the funniest thing I have ever seen!! We went to AAA to get car insurance and you were with us. We knew that this would take some time, so I had plenty of cars and snacks. At one point you walked behind us while we were answering some questions. When we turned around you were licking with glass cubical wall. Tongue out, licking back and forth across the glass wall. I didn't laugh, although it was super funny. You got scolded and told to stay in the cubical and play with your cars. But, you had left your mark, two giant spit streaks across a glass wall (we caught you on the second spit streak!). Oh toddler of mine. Some parents might be mortified it this behavior but, what are you to do, it was funny, he was bored and he did get in trouble for doing it. We apologized and the insurance lady laughed. So, no harm done. Some windex and things will be back to normal.

You new favorite thing to tell/ask us is "read to Jake." I think it's funny that you refer to yourself mostly as Jakob and occasionally in certain phrases as Jake, like here. You will bring us books, even some of Mommy's baby magazines and Daddy's car magazines. You love to read, look at pictures and learn.

Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems as though in two weeks you have learned how to put words together and your sentences just keep on growing. I'm always impressed by how quickly you pick things up. Just this week you have nailed down your colors and you are labeling things, blue truck, red semi, yellow jeep. I love it. You never stop talking, well, only to make car noises. We are so proud of you Jake. You are such a great boy, you bring so much joy to our lives!!

So, I forgot a story....Let me start by saying, you don't watch much TV, like maybe an hour a week, and even fewer movies. You have a Toy Story book with little character toys that came with it. You love this book. The other day you walked up to me, pointed to the TV and said, "Mama, show, please." I was stunned, you have never asked to watch TV before. "You would like to watch something on TV, Jake?" was my response. "yes please." well ok, so I asked you what you would like to watch and you said, "Buzz and Woody" this is particularly odd because you have never watched Toy Story or any shows with Buzz or Woody in them. "oh, you want to watch Toy Story?" I clarified. "Yeah" this is your response to everything. I say it and you say it just like me...we spend a lot of time together. Well, I couldn't figure out how to watch Toy Story off of our Apple TV, now I know, so we watched it the next day. You sat and watched the whole movie, we even had a special lunch on the couch of mac and cheese (your fav) while watching Toy Story. You loved it! Funny kid, you know what you want and now how to ask for it! You are growing up so fast. 

Mama/ proud to teach you!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothes yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Colossians 3:12

Family is such a gift little ones. These are the people the Lord has chose for you to live with. These people will teach you more about life and love than anyone else. 

Take the verse above and apply it everyday. Have love, patience, kindness, gentleness, compassion and humility toward each other.

These are the people that will love you for their lifetime. We will do our best to show you how much God loves you and to love you in the same way.

Do everything out of love.

We will have our moments of craziness and anger. But, Lord willing we can learn and grow and learn to truly value each other for who we are. 

Mommy and Daddy love you both, more than words can even express. We are striving each day to love the Lord, each other and you more. Lord knows we will fail but, the Lord never will. Let us all press on toward the goodness that is the Creator. We will run this race of life together, sharpening each other along the way. 

Daddy and Mommy