Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, you are kind of impatient. Especially when you are being fed or hungry. Your daddy and I are not a fan of whining and are trying to put an end to your 'I'm wasting away stick that food in my mouth' sounds. We have been requiring you to say, more please, before each bite instead of loudly proclaiming your mouth is empty. Here's the funny part. The first night we started teaching you we were eating and you started to whine, daddy said "Jakob" in a stern voice and you said "oh" in this low funny voice with overly dramatic o shaped lips! You don't actually say, more please, just the 'o' of more. After every bite you finished you would start to fuss and daddy would say "Jakob" sternly and you would reply with "oh". It was really funny at the time. I'm sure you had to be there but, you are just so darn cute! I love that you are trying to communicate. I love that you try to repeat everything we say. I realize through you how much a gift language is, how much a gift communication is! Thank you for helping me see the world with fresh eyes.

Mommy/ loves experiencing life with you!! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, November 19, 2010

too cute!!

Finally you are no longer snotty and the sickness in my eyes is calming down. What a miserable week we have all had. You with your first real cold, daddy with a cold and mommy with a cold and pink eye. Really, you ask? Yes, it was terrible!! But we are on the path to recovery, so I snapped a few photos.

Here you are looking like a toddler!! Slow your growing my little one!!

 I love this shirt. It's a great color and the "pick me" on the guitar, just cracks me up!!

 You were waving to mommy and saying "Hi!!"

 "Do these pants make my butt look big mom?"

 You love playing with this toy, best garage sale purchase I have ever made!

 You were looking at the dog and saying "ohhhh"

 You love this funny little puffer fish, this was too funny to not take a picture of. 

 I try to get a picture of you in this chair every month but this month was proving to be extra difficult. You tried to fall on your head twice. So, I resorted to putting toys in the chair to draw you to it. You were proudly declaring you found your puffer fish!! 

You are the cutest boy on the planet and I am crazy obsessed with you!!

Mommy/consumed with love for you!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11 Months

Happy 11 months baby boy. We haven't taken your pictures yet but I'm hoping to tomorrow. you have been quite snotty and teething. So much has happened this past month.

You aren't walking on your own yet. We can tell it will be soon but I'm really in no rush for you to be scampering about. You are very stable on you feet. You pull up on everything, my pants, the dog, your toys, TV cabinets, you name it. You also walk while holding onto things. You walk along the couch and balance and turn to the foot rest then walk around it. You will hold your hands in the air, with your mouth wide open and balance on your own. You look so impressed with your self!!

You point at things you are interested in. I think you love the power you have to make mommy try and figure out what you are pointing at. You point and say, "that", which sounds more like "tat" or "hat". Then we discuss what you were pointing at. Sometimes you just like to tell us you are interested in something by pointing and saying "oooo". I love deciphering what you are talking about and teaching you about new things!

You are the most friendly child I have even known. You wave to everyone, I mean everyone. Even if they aren't looking at you, you wave to them. I have never noticed how people ignore children before, it's slightly sad. But some people are so sweet right back to you. Like these two tough looking 20 something guys standing in line behind us a Walmart. They looked tough but you didn't care, you waved to them and smiled. They looked at you and they melted. They said "aww look how cute!" and waved right back to you!! Look at you, changing the world one beautiful smile at a time. Never forget the power of a smile! You have started to say "Hi" now too, you sound slightly southern when you say it, "Hiiiiii" all drawn out but it's so sweet!

You can say: dog (this is your favorite word and what you call most furry animals), mama, dada, ga (for grandma), all done, Hi and thank you. You repeat almost everything we say but these words you say on you own mostly.

You eat what we eat and refuse to eat baby food. You sleep 11 hours most every night (9pm to 8am)!! You take two naps during the day which aren't always a piece of cake. I think you might be starting to drop your morning nap. Oh no, then when will mommy take a shower or get anything done? we'll have to make it work!!

You don't watch much TV, occasionally you will glance at whatever we have on. But we have found that you will sit and watch entire TV shows about animals. Real animals, no cartoon stuff. You sit in awe, just watching. Oh, to have the mind of a child. I would love to have that passion for everything, as if it were my first time experiencing it!

Just yesterday you learned how to stack blocks!! I have been trying to get you to for a while but you just loved to knock them over. Yesterday, I asked you it you could stack the blocks. I showed you how and you grabbed a block and stacked it. I rejoiced! You knocked it over and stacked it again! Then you rejoiced for your self. It's the cutest thing whenever we clap and say "yea Jakob!!" you clap and cheer for your self. Too cute!

You are growing and changing everyday! It's truly amazing to watch you learn about the world. You have your own opinions about things and you express them in talking crying and fit throwing. You are a great listener but you love to push the boundaries!

Your Daddy and I grow to love you more and more each day!

Happy 11 months my boy!

Mommy/crazy about my boy!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Shoes

I have never been one for putting shoes on you. I didn't see the point. You don't walk, so you don't need them. I put socks and occasionally slippers on you when the weather deemed it necessary. Even when you start to walk I have shoes with soft soles for proper foot development! I want you to achieve balance on your own not because of clunky hard soled shoes. Now that you have started standing I have been keeping an eye out for cute soft soled shoes. I love the leather soled ones. Tough but easy to get on, babies tend to flair their toes when their foot is shoved in a small object, as if to declare wearing shoes is torture! I don't like wearing shoes, why would you? But, I found the cutest pair of shoes at Target the other day! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktopI think they will be perfect for your birthday and for Christmas! The laces are elastic and the soles are soft plus they are so so so cute. What could be better!?!?! You are going to look so cute in them!!

Mommy/ a fan of flip flops!


So this year was your first Halloween. We didn't have much money to spend on costumes so we were trying to think of something to be out of the clothes you already had. So the day of Halloween, not the best plan-aheaders, we decided to be Giants fans!! The San Francisco Giants are in the world series this year and it was something your daddy was excited about being! So off I went to try and find you giants gear. I was bummed to find that football season had kicked out all of the baseball gear. Oh, well. I found peel and stick tattoos and decided that would have to do. We had a great night helping out at the church carnival. The church sets up their classrooms like trick-or-treat doors and we handed out candy. You loved seeing all the kids and you waved to everyone! your daddy and I aren't really Halloween people but I think we will have to get into the dressing up because I think you are going to love it!! I'm all about the candy and dressing up not so much the creepy, evil, scary stuff. Oh and I hate how Halloween has turned into a day where girls see how slutty they can be. I mean really? So as you grow up we will do our best to celebrate in a fun, non-slutty manner!! All in all I think we were one cute Giants family!!!

Mommy/ A Giants fan for life!!