Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family Pictures

Taking family pictures is always an adventure. One boy is cranky, Mommy is trying to get everyone in nice light, then another boy decides he's afraid of the ocean, and we're racing the sun. Crazy! Uncle Alex took these with our camera and I am really happy with the way they turned out. This is an important beach so I'm really thankful to have some family pictures of us on this beach. I had hard time choosing my favorites so, here they are...all of my favorites.

I feel so grateful to have had Alex take our pictures. Being a photographer I know the importance of freezing time with a photograph. I will cherish these forever! 
I was so excited to get some of just Erik and I too. Here are your ridiculous and in love parents. 

I'm so glad that we captured the love of our family to look back on for years and year to come. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter 2013

I tried really hard this easter to explain the Easter story as best as I could to a three and one year old. The Easter story is difficult to explain, full of violence and death. I focused mostly on the life giving aspect. That Jesus loves you so much and because of what he did, you can life with Him in heaven someday, and he gave us the Holy Spirit too! We used resurrection eggs to help tell the story with symbols, I think it really helped. I try so hard to keep holidays focused on the true reason we celebrate them but I wasn't going to not give you an easter basket. So here you are busting into your easter baskets...

Jake dug right in and Jake was a little confused. 

But Jack got a ball so he was pretty excited!

Grandma gave you easter baskets too! 

Jake, I love that you sit and pull each thing out, look at it, get excited about it and then move onto the next thing!

Jack, you just find one thing and forget about the rest of the basket. 

This time you favored a cup!

waiting to go hunt eggs

Jax has figured out how to open doors, help me!

Telling Grandma to hurry!

Jake peeking!

closing his eyes tight!

and he's off!

You collected lots of eggs

you were a very good brother and you would leave easy ones for Jack

Jack, it took you a few times to figure out what we were doing

I think you thouht we were crazy

you loved shaking the eggs

and you figured out where you were supposed to put the eggs!

Cute egg hunting boy!

little egg shaking stinker!

determined to find more eggs

"I found it, I'm the winner"

Mama and Jax

Look at all those eggs!

mama love

checking out their loot

Jax cracks me up in this picture! "I have candy!!"

Goofy boy

He's walking...short distances and only when he wants. 

checking out all of the candy

attempting to get the boys together for a picture

they weren't having it

this is the best we can do now

and he's off!

Easter was great. I feel so blessed that we have great family to love and be with. Your Great Uncle Jerry was with us. Uncle Steve and Grandma too. Your Daddy was off of work so we just spent the day hanging out, enjoying each others company, being thankful that death has been overcome!