Wednesday, August 29, 2012

loving my boys...

Today I re-discovered something. I have the potential to choose to enjoy and not stress about life. Simple I know. But putting the ball in my court, so to speak, really made me realize that I had a choice. Lately life has been challenging. With Jack teething, not sleeping through the night and still eating every two hours, and Jake potty training and pushing every boundary he could find, I have been exhausted. I have been feeling like a huge failure. I have allowed myself to be grumpy. And this grumpiness blinds me to the blessings of everyday life. There is so much good that happens everyday but I was so focused on my own misery that I was missing out. I was missing my life. The stages my boys are at now aren't easy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. There is so much more good than bad and I'm ashamed to admit, I let exhaustion steal my joy. So today, I choose joy. Even when Jack cries. Even when Jake back talks. Joy. Joy will help me remember that someday I will miss them back talking. I will miss cuddling that sweet baby to sleep. I will miss Jake telling me I'm the best Mommy in the whole wide world. Someday my boys will be men and I know I will be so proud of who they are but I don't want to miss the here and now. I want to enjoy all there is to enjoy and forget the craziness that comes with motherhood. And now I'm crying…sometimes I forget to really love everyday and treat it as the gift that it is. So today I choose joy. 

Matthew 6:34  "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I mean look at all I have to be joyful for...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raising an artist

Boys, I desire for you to grow up having experienced lots of different things. I want you to be able to pursue what you want. So, I am determined to expose you to all kinds of art and literature and activities.   This is part of the reason we want to homeschool you both. We want you to have individualized attention and we want to give you the opportunity during school time to further your talents and interests, not just with extracurriculars, because everyone has to learn the same thing in school. If one of you is great at sports than we'll do that. If one of you loves poetry, than you can do it. We can individualize your education to further your gifts and abilities, which is what we feel God calling us to do. To know you, and raise you to the best of our ability, so you can serve God to the best of your ability. It's my desire that both of you grow to be artists. Now, that's not saying you both have to be excellent painters or sketch artists. I want you to see the world as artists. To see the beauty in ordinary things, to think creatively and to have a good eye. I think these things are useful no matter what profession you go into. So, in my attempt to expose you all kinds of art we had some fun with water colors the other afternoon. Here you are Jake, painting away. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Summer

A few weeks ago your Daddy got me a new lens! I was pretty excited to try it out so we set up a little end of summer photo shoot complete with watermelons. You boys weren't having it so it wasn't everything I had dreamed of but I still came out with one of my favorite shots of the two of you...

seriously adorable!


Big Brother making sure Little Brother didn't fall over. 

Telling secrets

You both look older to me in this picture, like you are just sitting around enjoying a laugh!

giving little brother noses

poor Jack, you were traumatized after falling over on the grass. 

Oh Jake, such a goof!

but still so sweet

just sitting on some watermelon

cute feet...I could barely get you to hold still...i think you are tippy toeing in this picture

such cute boys

I'm so glad you like each other so much already!

such a country boy

look at that face...what are you up to?

my little adventurer 

this photo reminds me of "i'll watch the night turn bright blue...drenched in vanilla twilight, I'll sit on the front porch all night." 

and to complete the red neckness...

shooting air soft with Daddy! Both of your faces make me laugh...Daddy concentrating, Jake a little intimidated. 

Well, so long summer...ok that's wishful thinking. We still have a little bit of indian summer to get through as always. But I long for sweaters and sipping coffee outside in crisp air. I love you boys in feety pajamas all snuggly on cool mornings. I can't's my favorite time of year, well I love the whole last part of the year from September through December...all of it is focused on family and I love that! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jackson is 6 months old

Holy Moly!! It's been half a year already? I cant even believe it! Happy 6 Months my little man! 

You were so wiggly this month, I snapped pictures so quick in between shooting my arm back in to hold you in place. 

You are also teething like a crazy man! 

But you still look super cute!

Ok, confession time. I am always careful with where I put you...after having your brother roll of a bed twice when he was little. Baby's can't move until you put them someplace where they shouldn't move and then all of a sudden they can roll right over...any way. I had you sitting so well in the chair and I grabbed my camera and as I was turning back around you toppled out head first and hit the only hard thing microphone stand by the keyboard in our room...bummer. Worst Mom award. Sorry little guy. You were a little traumatized but pulled it together for the rest of our shoot! 

You tolerate being on you tummy now...but mostly you just flip your self over and then realize you would rather be sitting and cry...when on your tummy you have started trying to pull your legs up...oh crawling here you come! 

You say 'da-da' all the time and 'hi' like a southern gentleman.  

you are obviously teething, drool bucket! I think I can feel the bottom two making there way in...and maybe an eye tooth...oh heaven help us!

You aren't a very good are getting take two naps a day, one hour and then a two hour. Your bed time is 9pm and you wake usually once during the night around 4am and sleep until 8:30am. 

You love toys. Anything the rattles, crinkles or makes noise you love. You grab everything you can, including my hair, coffee (I'm super careful don't worry), my food, your brothers toys, your brother, your Daddy's glasses and anything within reach! You love to bounce in your bouncer and you love to sit in your Mama's and Papa's chair. 

You sleep like an angel...

I mean what baby doesn't? You look so peaceful. 

This is the blanket your Nana made for you, you already like it, but of course you would rather try to steal your brothers because it's his and it has to be cool because he likes it! 

You are constantly grabbing your feet, hey they are built in toys and chewy's 

See what I mean about the feet? You have the sweetest disposition always smiling, giggling, squealing or jabbering. 

Everyone always comments on how huge you are, it's true...we'll get to that in a little bit with stats. but seriously how am I supposed to respond? Oh wow he's a big boy. Why yes, yes he is. Please don't make some comment how big I am...big really? I hated this growing up too...I'm not big, I am tall. There is a difference, learn it, know it, use it properly! Ok rant done. 

You can sit...mostly unassisted. There is a boppy behind you here...just so you don't have to fall so far.

You love to snuggle. You love cuddling with your daddy. It's really sweet, I'll pick you up after a nap and you just nuzzle your little head into my neck and just rest for a second or two. Cute! You have also started reaching. You reached for me for the first time yesterday! My heart melted! 

You have super cute facial expressions...this is one I love...eyes wide!! Your eyes are still blue, we'll have to wait and see if they change...your brothers had changed by now...but his were never as blue as yours. 

You are eating quite nicely...about 4oz for every meal. You love bananas and pears. You prefer your combo foods. Like Banana and pumpkin or butternut squash and pears. I am making your baby food, which I love, I wish I had more time to make it but I love that I know what you are getting and it's fun to experiment with what you get. Your tummy doesn't seems to like dairy, from me or if I give you yogurt. 

You adore your brother. You smile and giggle at him when he run around and you love when he talks to you. I am so excited to watch your relationship grow...

My two sweet boys. How did I get so blessed?

Ok now for the moment of truth... just how big is Jackson?

25lbs. and 29 inches long! Pretty big but hey...that just means you can be awesome at football! or really anything you want to be. 

Jackson you are so sweet and a joy to have in our family. You are growing into one sweet boy and I am blessed to be your Mommy. Everyday I feel guilty that I can't give you and your brother more individual attention...I just want to give you everything I can. I'm sorry you have to share me. That feeling is enough for me to be done having children. I'm not sure how I could feel like any more kids were getting enough from me. Plus it will be so nice fitting into a booth and being able to afford to live...haha! 

Thank you for completing our family little Jack. You are the perfect addition and I am so thankful for you!

Love, Mama/ overwhelmed with how blessed I am! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little Getaway

Last weekend Daddy randomly got two days off in a row. This rarely happens and rarely do we not have something already scheduled. So late at night your Daddy and I were looking for things to and places to stay. We decided on Tahoe, far enough away to be a mini vacation and Daddy get's an awesome discount through his work for a hotel there. So, Tahoe it was. Lake Tahoe is like a second home to me, I grew up going there multiple times a year with my family's time share. Your Daddy and I started going to Tahoe as well and have some fond memories of our own but we are super excited to take you boys and create memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. We drove up late at night after Daddy got off work, we arrived at our hotel at around midnight and then both of you decided it was time to play! Well we finally got everyone settled and into bed around 1am-ish. We slept in a little and headed down to the lake...I'll let the pictures take it from here. 

We went for a walk down to the stream's along the river the salmon spawn in and this is Jake and Daddy looking as Trout and Salmon.

Jake and Daddy

We went for a little nature hike and we discussed what kind of animals live in meadows and streams. W

We found these seed things...there not dandelions but, something like that. We decided to show you how to blow on them...

You breathed in...

And totally choked on fluff!

back at it and totally cute

learning to blow out...definitely not in!!

Daddy showing you how it's done. 

Daddy rooting you on!

Still trying

Daddy giving you a little help

Now I can do it by myself!

A boy and the Lake

The Lake is perfect...well, the water is a little cold but, not only is the totally beautiful but the waves are little and the sand is nice. It's a little less intimidating than the ocean. I love that we could let you play from a distance. 

Daddy Helping you into the water

too cute...

Daddy's is mimicking the way you were getting out of the water.

Playing with Daddy!

You loved floating the boat on the lake

Some animal cookies...terrible for you...oh so good!

we had a picnic on the beach...PB&J, grapes, water and of course cookies!

Sweet baby Jack toes!

This could possibly be my favorite picture...I just love it.

Like the great mom that I am...I totally forgot to grab your swimsuit so you are in a regular diaper and shorts...and I forgot a change of clothes...good one mom!

You had a great time throwing rocks

throwing more rocks


and again, throwing more rocks

Jake you loved sitting in the water getting rocked by the waves

you spent so much time in there that your finger were wrinkly!

getting splashed by a bigger wave made by a power boat

getting out of the water

cold and happy

letting the sun dry you off a bit

a boy and his lake

'I'm going to throw this rock!'



Jack you and Mommy hung out in the shade...

we had  apretty fun time soaking in the clean mountain air

We had a wonderful weekend! This was our first solo family trip, just the four of us! It went pretty well, not too many fits and a baby that cooperated fairly well. These trips feel like they take so much preparation with a baby but a toddler that was in diapers...soon it will get easier but even with all the effort that goes into making a trip like this happen I am so glad that we did it. I will cherish these memories. My sweet little babies asleep on either side of us in the hotel room, all of us in the delightful king size bed in the morning, dessert in bed, breakfast in bed, sitting on the deck watching the sun 'go away', dipping Jack toes in the water and him having a melt down, Jake playing for hours in the water and never tiring of it, both boys asleep after a fun day at the Lake, Pizza, a picnic, a pirate store and pirate treasure! We had a great time and we look forward to many more trips on the one of our favorite places in the world!