Thursday, July 22, 2010


Recently you have started doing some new things. Today you woke up with two new teeth, after months of drooling! Your tongue is busy exploring them but to my surprise so are your other teeth. You grind your top and bottom teeth together. How you can stand that feeling, I'm not sure but you are busy exploring the new residents in you mouth.

Also you have decided to think about skipping crawling. I put you down on the floor to play but you would rather practice your downward dog pose! You stick your booty (can't bring myself to write butt) in the air and try to move. Which results in you crashing to your knees or head. You are not a fan of that but I can tell that you are quite pleased with your new trick! For some reason I'm concerned that you may skip crawling. I have read and heard too many time that you will not like to read and have a bad memory if you don't crawl! Well, not all babies crawl, there is a true fact. And we will find ways to help you love reading and to have a good memory. But there is not way to make you crawl if you have tasted standing or walking!

Also today you discovered gravity. While sitting in your highchair you grabbed a toy, hung him over the edge and, let him go. Not on accident like usual, because of bad grip or motor skills but you purposefully dropped it! Then you looked at us like, "Aren't you going to get that?". Well, I don't play fetch, we will get a dog to do that. After you realized you weren't getting that toy back you dropped all of your toys off your highchair. You looked at them, then at us and then back at the toys laying on the ground. This new found discovery is um...great...for your development but I'm not looking forward to the start of discipline, having to be consistent and saying no! It has been a nice few months of you not knowing any better but now we have to teach you what is safe and what is acceptable. Lord, give us strength!

Now this next thing you do makes me a little sad. When you get upset you cry or yell "Maaa"! That is the only time! You never say it when you are cuddly or happy just when you aren't getting what you want fast enough or you are upset! it might just be a coincidence but it still makes me sad. At least you know who takes care of you/ who to yell at! oh, man.

I can not believe how much you are growing and changing. I seems that overnight you have become a little person with a personality and mobility! I wish that time could slow down so I could savor each discovery you make! That is why I write here. This is my way of reflecting on each accomplishment, each struggle. This way I will never forget and you will know how much I love you, have always loved you and will always love you!

Mommy/Cherishing each moment

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking your picture

Photographing you has become more and more of a challenge! You are discovering this big world and something as simple as a fan can and does distract you! But you are still cute!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Learning to Crawl

First Weekend Alone...

You had a weekend alone with your mommy! Your Daddy was on a retreat with the Jr. Highers, Grandma and Uncle Steve went to your second cousins wedding and Grandpa was at work. So it was just you and me baby!! At first I didn't know what to do, I had to pee (TMI) and had no idea where to put you. But this time together was ultimately good for us. You learned some patience and I was empowered! I also decided that one more sibling for you will be fine. You are becoming more and more mobile by the day, I'm currently your favorite jungle gym and we lowered your crib today. I kept walking in on you on all fours in your crib which kept giving me visions of you randomly learning how to pull up on things. So our hearts can rest easy now knowing you are safe! You are kind of last though. When you "crawl" you get up on your hands and knees and launch yourself forward onto your tummy doing this inch worm thing until you get the toy you were trying to reach and then you stop. No wasting energy just crawling around. But i know the time is coming when you will just take off! You bring so much joy to our hearts Jake. You have discovered your voice, you especially enjoy yelling in the car. You love to listen to people talk and you move your mouth like you are mimicking them. I just know that any day now you are going to bust out with some words! These are just some updates from your weekend! You are leading a busy life, learning and growing! It is truly a privilege being your mommy. I love every exhausting, joy filled moment. You have shown me a love like no other. Remember that, when you are 14, and think I'm just mean. Remember I love you with all of me, you are a piece of me and I would do anything for you! 

Love, Mommy/ empowered by mommyhood

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday you said “Da-Da” for the first real time! We were sitting on the couch, all three of us, and you just said it! Little stinker, always when we least expect it! Today you have been whispering and yelling “Da-Da” all day. You have also been raspberrying! They are quite messy and wet, you have a splash zone!
Love, Mommy/soaked with spit

Baby Kisses

Yesterday these cute lips gave me a kiss. Nothing has ever warmed my heart so much! I love being your mom, no question, but going 7 months with you just eating, pooping and needing to be held it was awesome to experience your love for me. I know you were just repeating a modeled behavior but I’m going to live under the delusion that you kissed me because you love me too!! 

Love, Mommy/crazy about you!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look at those eyes! They are beautiful! I feel bad saying that sometimes, because you have my eyes! Well, it is my favorite thing about myself...But you my son have pretty eyes and I love that you look like you are mine!!
Mommy/pretty possessive of you!


This is something that you probably shouldn't learn from me Jake. Don't get me wrong, I have some, patience that is. But, not a lot. I have patience with certain things. Like surprises, i love them and can wait until the appropriate time. Also, people, this is a good thing to have patience with. People will always get under your skin, not learn as fast as you think they should and in general be different than you. Having patience with people is important. But, I don't have patience with waiting. Example, my iPad is supposed to be delivered today, by UPS, who usually come by 10am. It is now 12pm. Oh. My. Goodness. I can't wait. I want it now. Don't listen to your mommy Jake she's crazy. Watch your Papa. He is the most patience person I know. He can teach you to have great patience! And he can show you the rewards of being patient as well. Good things come to those who wait. That must not have been said when someone was waiting on an iPad!

Mommy/attempting to be patient!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh My Goodness!!

I just posted that you are trying to crawl and not two hours later you take your first crawl!! Your daddy and I were attempting to finish your room (pictures to come) and we put you on the floor to play by yourself. We are trying to have solo play time everyday. Even if I'm in the room with you. Anyway, you were on the floor with your foam numbers and letters. See the photo below for a better visual...


you were chewing on these little things and they all managed to make their way out of reach. You got up on your hands and knees, in a determined fashion. I saw, and told your daddy to look at you. We watched quietly, not breathing to see what you would do. You moved your right hand then your left knee and  the right knee followed and so did the left hand. Just a few little "steps" and you got to the toys and plopped your self onto your tummy again, satisfied. You didn't act as though anything out of the ordinary happened. Your daddy and I turned to each other and silently rejoiced. Then we praised you. You looked at us like, "What? That was no big deal, crazy parents!". Oh well, we were stoked!! Life will never be the same. I am so excited for the adventure of mobility we are embarking on. Now, to go lower your crib!!
Mommy/making a mad dash to baby proof!!!

Such a Boy

You are such a boy. We were sitting on the couch, you just finished your bedtime bottle. The TV was on. Some advertisement or preview of something came on. You watched it and when this truck blew up, you laughed. Heaven help us all. You think explosions are funny already! Your daddy said, "That's my boy". I felt really red neck at that moment. Oh well, it could be worse. Thing blowing up are fun but we don't blow things up i the house. If we do blow something up out side always stand back and have a hose ready to put out the flames! And please, please listen when you hear some one say, "don't try this at home!". I love you, with your eye brows!
Mommy/likes explosions too!

7 Months Old

You have had an eventful month my son. At times I look at you and see a little boy. It's hard to believe that you have only been here for 7 months, it feels like much longer and then I can't believe it's been 7 months. Here are a few highlights of your month!
You learned how to sit!

You are trying to crawl!

You have two teeth!

You found your sense of humor, even more so than before.

You say "Ba", "Blah", "Ga", "Wa", "Da" (occasionally da-da!) you are quite the talker! This is the face you make when you are in a serious conversation!

And you are still just as cute and sweet as ever!!

You are 22.2 lbs. (100th percentile) 28 in. long (90th percentile) and your head is 47cm. around (95th percentile). You are a big boy! I like you that way. 
You enjoy your food and don't object to much. You aren't very fond of green beans but you ate them like such a good boy! I don't blame you, I try everything you eat and they weren't very good. 
You sleep very very well, at least 10 hours every night and two good naps during the day! 
You have started only wanting mommy and crying when ever I leave the room or when I try to put you down. This has decreased the amount of things I get done in a day and the amount of sleep I get. I get up early to squeeze things in and don't rest when you do, so I can get things done too. So when you are awake you get my full attention. I again need to learn to balance. You are enjoy watching me fold clothes, while you try to grab them to eat them. Of course anything that I turn into a game you are down for!
Those little teeth of yours caused quite a bit of pain for you. Nighttime orajel has been a life saver! Your top two teeth are now trying to make there way into your mouth, but they are coming in a little easier than the first two. 
You bring so much joy to us Jake. You have the sweetest giggle and we all do our best to bring it out. All of the adults in your life do the silliest things just to hear you squeal! 
We are contemplating getting a dog or giving you a sibling. Oh, man. You will learn that your daddy goes with the flow and your mommy tries to over plan everything. Life is usually better with a balance, that's what we give to each other. We will see what you end up getting. Well, what the family ends up getting. 
These recent months have brought a peace to us. We have settled into a routine and rarely do I feel like I don't know what to do. I have opened my eyes to the joy every experience brings. We have come to know each other and depend on each other. We have a special bond and I love that. I will always love that. You are my sweet boy. So very very precious. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Jake,

Today you did the sweetest thing possible! I took you out of the shopping cart and was talking with you before I had to put you in your car seat. I have found this keeps breakdowns to a minimum. You enjoy being held and going from sitting one place to sitting in another doesn’t make you very happy. So, as we gazed at the trees, you plopped your head onto my shoulder. Plopped might sound like a funny word choice but that is exactly what you did. One second you were looking around and the next you plopped your head down to my shoulder and under my chin. You snuggled in and it was precious! My heart melted! You make me feel special Jake, like no one else can!
Love, Mommy/the always teary one!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!! 
You woke up happy and talking this morning. I admit that when I hear you wake up I lay there and listen for a while. Partly because I’m tired but mostly so I can hear you babble!
 Currently you are drinking your breakfast and as I’m typing this you are trying to play with my phone with your toes! You are clever! 
Happy 1st, 4th of July!