Sunday, July 29, 2012 cute together

Hey boys, 

These pictures warm my heart so much. Your Daddy and I were just talking about the kind of relationship we hope you two have. Our brothers are 4 years apart from us so it's a little different than you two...just more than two years. You will be in high school at the same time, even jr. high at the same time. You might have some of the same friends. We want you two to be friends. I know that no amount of forcing from us will make that happen but I hope that we can foster the kind of environment for friendship and brotherhood. 

There are a few things about these pictures that I love. One, Jake, look at how white you are compared to your brother...this isn't a camera mishap...that is true to life, sorry Jake you are white like your Mama and Jack you have Daddy's pretty Italian skin! Second, Jack, look at how you look at Jake, you love him and admire him so much! Third, Jake, you have so much fun with your bother. 

Boys, it is my prayer that you two grow up to be friends. You already share a bond and I look forward to watching it grow!

Never let go Jack...Never let go...

Mommy/ so blessed by you two!

Jackson is 5 Months Old

Another month has past my little man. I cannot believe all the ways that you are changing right now. We got home from vacation and you were almost a different baby. 

Here you are...5 Months Old!

You were much harder to pose this month...

You can wiggle all over the place and I wanted to make sure you were safe!

You started turning...

Turning some more...                                    and this is how you ended up! 

Right now you are that is making you kind of crabby, drooly and chewy!

You are being really clingy...not sure if this is due to teething or if you are going through a little bit of separation anxiety. All I know is, if you can see me, I should be holding you...or so you think.

You have started reaching for everything. I love this stage. You play with toys and interact a whole lot more than you ever have before. But now, it's hard to get anything done and everything needs to be out of reach.

You are rolling over quite well both ways. You used to hate rolling from your front to your back but you have gotten much more brave and push yourself on over. You are getting much better with tummy time. It helps that you want to play with your brother I plop you on the floor next to us when we play and you love it. 

You want to crawl. You get your knees in an army crawl position and try to get your bum off the ground. It still amazes me that crawling is an instinctive kind of thing. Heaven helps us when I have two mobile ones...I'm excited for that day...I need to make sure our baby proofing still good. We have gotten a little lax because Jake is older but we will need to be extra careful with you...Jake's toys are too little for you. I don't want you swallowing anything! 

You are so close to sitting but are a little too wiggly to stay up. You lean too far forward, kiss you toes and squeeze out your last meal. You are getting so close want to sit all the time so you end up on my lap while I do most things. 

You have thinned out quite a bit. You were barley squeezing into 6-9 month onesies but not they fit fine...the length is the next place you will grow out of. Amazing to me how you put on weight then lengthen. Your hair is fun to watch too. You look like you have a receding hair line when your head grows then your hair cathes you have longer fuzzier hair in the back of your head. Just cool the way God made it all work.  

I admit I am overwhelmed with house stuff and caring for two kids most of the time...especially this week for whatever reason but...

You are such a joy Jack. You share smiles and giggles with us. You love being with your family. You especially love your brother. You also really love your instantly calm down when he talks...amazing! You love me too but I pretty sure you don't realize we are two people. You are are just a bucket of cuddles and I am so in love with you! 

Here you are being to stinkin' cute!

this is where your hands are most of the time...mashed in your mouth!

little smiles

Oh....see that eye are mischievous I just know it!

love those eyes!


What mom?

full of wonder

love those chubby thighs are seriously so cute

love this gangster cow onesie your daddy bought you!

Well, I was going to take more pictures of you but you rolled over and were that's it.

You are a blessing my Jack. I wish you would sleep through the night but, I love the time we get to spend together. Happy 5 Months my little love. 

Mommy/ sleep deprived and starry eyed

Day 6 and 7 of Vacation: Driving, Tahoe and a few thoughts

We woke up fairly early...not as early as we had planned, grabbed some breakfast, waited for a baggage cart, loaded up the van and were on our way. It felt like we made great time this trip. We had lunch in Nevada...some where...middle of almost no where I think. And we had dinner at BJ's in was so nice to have real food and a nicer environment than a fast food place.  We got to Tahoe at around bed time. The hotel was nice...a two room, two bath place...super awesome. Jake, you shared a room with Nana and Jack you of course were with Daddy and I. Daddy and I had a king size bed...always makes us want one...someday I'm sure. 

The next morning we grabbed a quick breakfast at the hotel and were on our way. We drove down to Talac, to see the Lake. We walked about a few historic buildings and down to the lake. I love Lake Tahoe. I grew up vacationing there with my family so, Tahoe to me feels like a second home. Plus your Daddy and I have started to make our own memories and have our own special places when we go now too. I hope that you boys will grow up loving that cold lake as much as I do. Jake, you enjoyed throwing rocks and stick in the lake. Daddy, Mommy and Jake all put our toes in while Nana watched from her stump bench. Jack, you enjoyed being out of your car seat and in the sling with me. You are such a little cuddle bug, you love that sling...I'm so glad...makes it easy to take you anywhere. As we were playing by the lake we started to feel rain had rained on our way in, with a little bit of lightning. The sky above us was sunny but off in the distance were some fierce looking clouds. We started getting cleaned up. Nana started walking towards the van. Daddy grabbed Jake and put his shoes on while I covered Jack with the sling tail. We started walking and Jake, you were singing loudly..."The rain is coming, the rain is coming" and it we were walking to the van it started raining harder and harder until huge drops were coming down. Daddy grabbed Jake, Mommy had Jack and we all ran to the van. I was trying to get Jack in his car seat and Daddy was buckling in Jake, poor Nana was waiting in the rain! We finally got everyone inside. We were all laughing and a little wet. Then we took a drive out to Fallen Leaf of my favorite spots on the planet. There are gorgeous homes on this lake to look at on the way in and a beautiful lake too. Once you pass the main lake you drive up past a beautiful river with waterfalls and get to the upper lake which looks like something from a Jane Austin novel. just serene and beautiful. It was raining so we didn't get to get out but I got a glimpse of one of the prettiest spots on the planet! We drove back in to town and had Beach Hut Deli for lunch. This place has awesome sandwiches. Jake, you are most of your sandwich, bead and all, so you mast have loved it, normally you just pull the turkey and cheese off. After lunch we headed back down the hill to Modesto. We got to Modesto and hung out with Papa, Matt and Alex. Jake, you were so excited to see them! That night we went bowling with some fun young was a blast...sometimes I miss spur of the moment bowling you get older things get more planned and then with kids you really want to plan things. But, it was great to just go and have fun! You boys did great. Jake, you loved bowling...I can't wait to take you again sometime. were fussy so Papa walked around with you and you fell asleep in his arms! 

We had a great vacation. We saw and did so much. I feel so blessed that we were able to do this. 

I have a few thoughts about Salt Lake City. First, the first thing most people think of is Mormons and sister wives. Well, we saw sister wives (i think and not THE sister wives but some sister wives) and Mormonism is a big thing here. BUT, I have never felt like I fit so much in a place before. There were tons of young families everywhere. There were people my age with kids...which is almost unheard of in the bay area. On top of that women were modest. Like no tank tops modest. It was really impressive. Also, the advertisements were clean, no sex sell kind of stuff going on. I was really surprised by the difference in where we live and Salt Lake. Honestly I would live there...if it weren't half way across the country from our family. Those mormons might believe some interesting things but I tell you what...their city was beautiful, clean and appeared to be a great place to raise kids. I have never been to a more kid friendly place. I saw more than a dozen women nursing their babies...covered of course...I have seen only woman nurse in Ca. The bathrooms were kid friendly, the museums and places to visit were all kid friendly. Amazing. I have been to restaurants in the bay area and gotten funny looks for bringing you boys, like there are certain places and things you should be accompanying us! We take you boys everywhere we go...unless it's on a date. You are well behaved and I see no reason you can't come along with us. I want you boys to grow up knowing how to behave in nice places and seeing all there is to see in life. You being cultured is important to reach people you need to be comfortable everywhere you go. 

Ok well there you have it. Our vacation and if you asked for them...haha!! 

I throughly enjoyed my time on vacation with our family....I'm so glad that we can just be together and enjoy each other. I look forward to many more vacations together!

Mommy/ already planning our next trip!

Vacation Day 5: Dino Park and a whole lot more...

Our last day in Utah...bitter sweet...I have loved this vacation! Now being that you boys are so young it didn't mean a lot of rest for me but having your Daddy around the whole time sure took a weight off my shoulders...not that you boys are weight but you are my sole responsibility most of the time and it was wonderful to be parents, together for a whole week not just nights and random days off. But part of me is ready for life to get back to normal. To sleep in my own bed, to have access to a washing's the little things! 

Anyway, we had a blast today. We drove up to Ogden, UT to a dinosaur park. It happened to be a free park day...super cool. They had skeletons, fossils and a gem cave inside and outside they had 'lifelike' dinosaurs. We had a great time...I feel like I have said that a lot this trip...but it's true we had a great time!

ready to see more dinosaurs!!

Daddy's favorite Dino...look at those teeth!

"Woah...look at that dinosaur!"

Sitting with a dino


Playing with little dino's and a volcano!

Jack just chillin' in the stroller!

big Dinosaur!

a raptor!! 

'it's huge!"

Mommy, Jake and a Dinosaur...don't eat us...wait he's a herbivore!

Daddy, Jake and a Dinosaur!


"Don't eat us Dinosaur!!"

Triceratops...and Mommy and Jake. 

Digging for gems...

still digging...

You and Daddy found a whole loved digging for shiny rocks!

After we left the Dino Park and grabbed a quick bite to eat we made our way to Hill Aerospace Museum...on the way to the park we passed it on the freeway and after some Yelp searching found out that it was we stopped in for a while...

Jake checking out the map!

Jack so happy to be out of his car seat!

kisses from Mommy

my little snuggle bug

Daddy strolling with the boys!

After our busy day we headed back to Salt Lake to pick up Nana...we grabbed a quick treat from Wendy's and picked up Nana...then we had dinner at Benihana's...Jake, you loved loved watching the chef cook all our food and do tricks! Then we all wanted to see the Olympic Village so we took a quick little drive...this was the first that Nana saw of Utah...she loved it!! 

At the 2002 Olympic Village in Park City

Mommy and her boys!

Nana, Mommy and the boys. 

Jake, you were in quite a mood in these are making some crazy faces!! 

Our little family

Nana and Jake

ok, these next photos need some explanation...Nana wanted some pictures with you boys and Jake, you were being quite wiggly, the only way to get you to stand there was to have you sing the 'itsy bitsy spider'!!
"itsy-bitsy, itsy-bitsy"...yes you say itsy-bitsy more than once...usually three or four times!!

"spider went up the water pout"

"down came the rain"

"and washed the spider out"

"out came the sun, and dried up all the rain"

"and the itsy-bitsy chicken nuggets!"...Nana thought you were going to fall...thats why she's making that face

"and french fries and apples and chocolate milk!" your change in the song surprised nana!

you were proud that you made her laugh! 
Jack...I love that your expression changes very little through all the are just so used to the silliness!

My boys, we all had such a great time together. I was so proud of you both. We did a lot and asked a lot of you on this trip but you both did fantastic! We are going to try to make this trek annually...we'll see what happens between now and next year but I think it would be so much fun to go here again! 

More driving!

Mommy/I will cherish this vacation always!