Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jake's stories

Jake, you tell the best stories. You have an amazing imagination but are only three and therefore your thoughts are a little all over the place. You are learning to tell a really well rounded story from your Daddy but you tell a pretty great story already! Here is a story you told us the other night....

Once upon a time there was a race car. He was lonely and set off to find his friends. The race car stumbled upon Jungle Jakob. Jungle Jakob lived in a house the color amber, it has colored sides and windows. Jungle Jakob helped the animals, he fed them and fixed them up. The animals lived in Africa and so does Jungle Jakob. Other people live in Africa, you know. Jungle Jakob hopped in the race car to help him. The race car found his friends. The End. A T-Rex  chomped the race car but he (Jungle Jakob) popped in there and saved him. The End.

I love this story, I love the detail and I love the random information. Other people live in Africa and the house was the color of do you even know that's a color? Sometimes you amaze me. 

We love you little Jake-a-doodle and your wild stories!

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